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Filming on the Highway

There are no provisions in the Highways Act or any other relevant legislation which allow Highway Authorities, outside of London, to give permission for filming to take place on the public highway. Leeds City Council (LCC) cannot therefore sign any form giving agreement to or accepting in any way the proposals to undertake filming.

However, the City Council acknowledges that filming may be undertaken providing there is no obstruction of the public highway nor do the activities present a danger to other road users, pedestrians and/or motorists. Basic health and safety guidelines should be followed.

The Police must also be consulted. Where the public, especially residents or businesses may be inconvenienced, consultation with and support from these groups should be obtained.

Please avoid filming on the carriageway where the risks and hazards are obviously higher for all parties. Please be aware that you will be responsible for the safe management of the site you are working in.

If you do proceed with the filming then you do so at your own risk.

Whom to Contact

Mail:  Highway Services,  Selectapost 6,  Ring Road,  Middleton  LS10 4AX

Tel:   0113 222 4407

Fax:  0113 247 8428


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