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Report a pothole or a problem with a road, pavement or footway

Use the Top Tasks section on this page and complete the online form to report any problems which could include the following:

  • road damage, including potholes;
  • pavement and footway damage including potholes;
  • damage or theft of paving stones;
  • blocked gullies/drains or missing covers or other ironworks;
  • damaged or missing street name plates, bollards, pedestrian guard rails, road signs or road markings;
  • problem with a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights;
  • obstructions, such as skips, building materials, overhanging vegetation or illegal parking;
  • request for snow clearing/gritting or grit bin supply/refill (these services are only available during the winter months);
  • request for sandbags.

On completion of the form you will receive an acknowledgement telling you who is dealing with your enquiry.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.​

To report a street lighting problem please visit our Street Lighting page in Related Pages.

How do I report a pothole?

To report a pothole please use the online form in our Top Tasks or you can email us using the Contact Us form.

What causes a pothole?

Large vehicles, for example buses and lorries, place the road surface under stress due to their weight.

Gas, electricity and other utility companies sometimes dig up the road to make repairs. Although their work is essential, it can weaken the structure of the road and increase the risk of potholes forming.

The combined action of the sun, rain and frost over time contracts and expands the tarmac from which the road is constructed. This weathering causes the road structure to weaken and allows potholes to form.

A pothole can increase the risk of vehicle damage. They are not a major hazard by themselves, however, if they are left, they can get bigger and become dangerous.

How are potholes repaired?

Our depot teams will usually repair all reported potholes and any others identified from our own highway inspections. If the pothole is severe and requires special attention, they will make it safe and report back to the depot for further attention to the road and surrounding area.

A pothole is repaired by ‘patching’. This is where new tarmac is used to fill the hollow.

What should I do if I think a paving stone theft may be taking place?

Do not approach the individuals, as this could lead to a violent incident.

Make a note of the type of vehicle, the registration number and the appearance of the individuals.

Phone the police and report the situation. The police will send a patrol car to investigate.

What should I do if I notice that paving stones are going missing in my area?

Contact us on 0113 222 4407 and tell us the location of the missing paving stones or use the Highways online report form. A depot crew will be sent to investigate the missing paving stones and to make the area safe.

We will inform the police if we think theft is the cause of the missing paving stones in your area. The police will then be on the lookout for paving stone theft in your area during their patrols.​

What is street furniture?

We are responsible for the maintenance of highway street furniture listed below:
  • Street name plates;
  • Bollards;
  • Pedestrian guard-rails;
  • Highway seats (mainly in the city centre);
  • Traffic signs and equipment (excluding traffic signals);
  • Road direction signs;
  • Lighting columns.

All other street furniture, listed below:
  • Visitor information boards, maps and finger posts;
  • Pay and display machines (on street and car parks);
  • Cycle stands;
  • Public transport furniture (bus stops, bus shelters etc);
  • Furniture belonging to gas, water or electricity companies; and
  • Litter bins,
are the responsibility of the appropriate organisation.