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Extra care housing

Extra care housing offers older people independent living in a home of their own with the services on hand if they need them. It is usually well designed, accessible housing that enables people to stay independent and to look after themselves for longer. Housing management, care and support and domestic services are readily available in extra care housing.

A range of support services may be available on site including:

  • help with personal care
  • access to meals
  • help with domestic support - such as cleaning, laundry, shopping and preparing meals
  • round-the-clock access to care if needed
  • social and leisure activities
  • help with medication

What community facilities may be available?

Community facilities include communal lounges, hairdressing, library services and guest rooms. Some schemes offer more, such as a restaurant and bar.

How is extra care housing different from sheltered housing and care homes?

Extra care housing is different because:

  • it aims to offer a home for life
  • you have your own tenancy
  • you have your own front door
  • it offers a safe and secure home for people who need support, including people with physical/sensory impairments, dementia and learning disabilities
  • couples and friends with different care or support needs can stay together
  • 24- hour care services

Who provides the service?

Most extra care schemes are built and run by housing associations or the local authority. Usually the care staff work under contract from Adult social care.

Cost of extra care housing

There are three parts to the cost of extra care housing.

  • the cost of renting your accommodation
  • the service charges
  • your care and support costs.

All the schemes vary in cost. The amount of rent, service and support charges you will pay depend on the size of your flat and the services you have been assessed for.

You only pay for the home care that you need. You may be eligible for help with some of these costs.

For further information, contact 0113 222 4401.