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Exemptions for occupied properties

Properties which are exempt from Council Tax

  • Property where all the residents are full-time students and/or student nurses in full-time education
  • Property where all the residents are severely mentally-impaired and would be liable for Council Tax if this exemption did not exist

         Note: to get the two exemptions above, all residents must qualify for the corresponding discount.

  • Property where all the residents are under 18 years old. 
  • Domestic property which is part of another domestic property, and the person living in it is a dependent relative of a person living in the main property (Exemption W).
  • UK armed forces accommodation.
  • Visiting forces accommodation.
  • Property where all the residents are diplomats.
  • Halls of residence for students

How to claim an exemption

Claim forms are available for some of these exemptions in the Documents section. Where no form is available, please contact us giving details of the property and explain which exempt class you think it falls into.