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Equipment for your home

Equipment for your home

If you, or someone you care for, are unable to carry out everyday tasks or lives safely at home without support, then there are ways that we can help. You will find more information on this page about ways to help you manage at home.

Safety equipment and alarms

Sensors, alarms and equipment can help you or someone you care for live more independently at home, even in sheltered or extra care housing.

Equipment and adaptations to help you live at home

We can provide daily living and nursing equipment to help you. You may also need to consider physical changes to your home, e.g. handrails or stair lifts, to make it more suitable for your needs - these are called adaptations.

You will find more information about short intensive care and support at home on the reablement page. Information about other options, such as community support, community meals and equipment, alarms and adaptations at home can be found on the support at home page.

Finding a suitable home
If you have health or mobility problems and your current home does not meet your needs, our Medical Housing team can advise you about moving to a more suitable home. For further information call 0113 395 2562.


If you would like to be assessed for any of these services then please call the contact centre on 0113 222 4401 or Minicom 0113 222 4410  and they will pass your information onto Adult Social Care. Or you can speak to someone at your local One Stop Centre.

The assessment process covers:

  • your needs
  • what changes you would like to make to your life, to live as independently as possible;
  • your carer's needs, if any;
  • whether you are eligible for support from Adult Social Care;
  • the services that may be available and how much they cost;
  • what happens next  - part of this will involve a financial assessment.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Eligibility criteria are the conditions you need to meet to be able to get help from us. The FACS eligibility criteria are divided into four categories:

  • critical
  • substantial
  • moderate
  • low

How does it work?

The assessment looks at your situation and shows what help you need. We will work out with you how much your independence is at risk if you don't receive help. You can contact us on 0113 222 4401 or Minicom 0113 222 4410.

For further information please see the Documents section.