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Empty homes In Leeds

In Leeds we have been addressing the challenges associated with empty homes for more than a decade and have brought back into use thousands of properties. 

Leeds Empties
If you have an empty home that you want to bring back into use please contact 'Leeds Empties'. Their 'Empty Homes Doctor' can help you with advice and support. To contact them telephone 0113 200 9383 or visit their website. See External links.

Thinking about selling an empty home?
We have a list of people who have said they may be interested in buying empty properties. If you would like a copy of our list please contact us by phone on 0113 395 7151 or email us using the Contact us form.

Lets Help You
We work in partnership with a Government funded service called “Lets Help You”. This service can help match landlords with suitable tenants for empty properties in West Yorkshire. The council can find you tenants through the ‘Private Sector Letting Scheme’. See External links.


If you have any questions contact the council's Empty Property Team: 0113 3957151.​​​​

How many empty homes are there in Leeds?

Click on the report in the downloads section of this page for the most up to date information.

Where do you get your information that a property is empty?

We generally get our information from searching Council Tax records.

Are all empty homes a problem?

The housing market would not be able to function effectively without some properties becoming empty at some stage. Whilst all empty homes could be considered a wasted resource it is usually the homes that have been empty for longer periods (6 months or more) that cause the greatest problems. They can attract fly tipping or anti social behaviour.

Where can I get help getting my empty home reoccupied?

Contact the Empty Property Team on 0113 3957151.

What is the Empty Homes Toolkit?

​The Empty Homes Toolkit is a way of addressing the many and various reasons for properties becoming empty. It has been put together by the Homes and Communities Agency.

Why do homes become empty?

There are many reasons. For further information please refer to this document.