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Employed carers
You can get a discount if the carer is:
  • employed as a carer by an organisation such as Community Service Volunteers, by a public body or by the person he/she is caring for (as long as he or she was introduced to that person by a charity);
  • living in accommodation provided by the employer so that the care can be given, and
  • employed to provide care for at least 24 hours a week and paid no more than £44 a week.
Unpaid carers
You can get a discount if the carer is:
  • providing care for at least 35 hours a week on average and
  • living with, and caring for, someone who has a disability, who is not their spouse or partner or child under 18, but who is entitled to one of the following benefits:
            - Higher rate attendance allowance
            - Highest rate of the care component of a disability living allowance
            - An increase in the rate of disablement pension
            - An increase in a constant attendance allowance
How to claim a carer discount
If you would like to claim one of these discounts, go to the Documnets section for the relevant application form.
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