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Drinking and Driving

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By drinking and driving, you risk your life and those of your passengers and others on the road. In 2011, 280 people in the UK died due to drink driving. In Leeds 11 people were killed or seriously injured due to drink driving

Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. Tolerance to alcohol depends on a combination of factors: weight, age, gender, stress and recent food consumption. Alcohol affects everybody's driving for the worse. It creates a feeling of overconfidence, makes judging distance and speed more difficult and slows your reactions so it takes longer to stop.

You could still be over the legal limit many hours after your last drink, even if it's the 'morning after'. Sleep, coffee and cold showers don't help to sober you up. Time is the only way to get alcohol out of your system

If you're planning to drink alcohol, plan how to get home without driving. Options include agreeing on a designated driver, saving a taxi number to your phone, or finding out about public transport routes and times before you go out - see the link to Metro on the right.

You risk a fine of up to £5,000, a minimum 12-month driving ban and a criminal record.

The best way to remain safe is not to drink and drive.

In the downloads tab at the bottom of this page you can find information about how drink affects you - you could still be over the legal limit many hours after your last drink and also to  public transport services over the Christmas holidays.