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Concessionary Bus Passes

West Yorkshire Metro has a range of concessionary travel permits to help you make the most of public transport across the region. This includes people of pensionable age, blind people and disabled people.

Concessionary bus pass for Senior Citizens
Please see the documents section on this page and the document called 'dates of eligibility​ for bus pass' for more information on if you will be entitled to one.​
These are supplied by West Yorkshire Metro. For information on senior passes visit West Yor​kshire Metro in the External links section.

Blind Person’s pass
A blind person’s pass entitles you to free travel on West Yorkshire buses and trains at any time of day. You can also travel free of charge on buses throughout the rest of England at off-peak times (Off-peak is after 9:30am Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends and bank holidays).

If you qualify for a blind person’s pass you will automatically receive a pass which allows a companion to travel with you free of charge. There is no charge for guide dogs within West Yorkshire.

Disabled Person’s Pass
A disabled person’s pass entitles you to free off-peak bus travel throughout England and half-fare off-peak train travel in West Yorkshire. Off-peak is after 9:30am Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends and bank holidays.

Am I eligible for a Disabled Person's Pass?

 You are entitled to a disabled person’s pass if you live in West Yorkshire and you are:

  • Partially sighted
  • Profoundly or severely deaf
  • Without speech
  • Someone who has a disability or injury, which has substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to walk
  • Someone who does not have arms, or has a long-term loss of the use of both arms
  • Someone who has a learning disability, that is, a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind, which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning
  • Someone who has been, or would be, refused a driving licence on certain medical grounds

How do I apply?
You can apply by downloading and printing off the application form - go to the Documents section.

Bus passes can not be renewed, you will need to reapply before your current pass expires by completing an application form if you need a new pass.

Your completed form should be returned to Customer Services, PO BOX 657, Leeds, LS1 9BS  along with one recent passport-sized colour photograph (clearly showing your face). You may need to ask your doctor or specialist to complete parts of the form to show that you meet the requirements for a pass.

What will happen next?

If you are eligible for a pass, we will order it on your behalf from WY Metro. Please allow up to three weeks for your pass to be delivered to your home address. Please note that passes are valid for five years.

I have lost my bus pass – how do I get another one?
You need to contact Metroline on 0113 245 7676. They will send you out a replacement pass within 14 days.

My pass is about to expire - can I renew it?
No, you will need to make a new application by downloading and printing off the application form from the Documents section on this page.

Further Information
For further information you can also visit West Yorkshire Metro in the External links section or see our frequently asked questions.

When will I receive my bus pass?

​If you are eligible for a pass we will order it on your behalf from WY Metro. Please allow up to three weeks for your pass to be delivered to your home address.

Can I apply for a bus pass in a travel centre?

​Only for a senior bus pass. If you wish to apply for a disabled persons pass or a blind persons pass you must apply via Leeds City Council.​

I need help when travelling on public transport, can my companion travel free of charge too?

Yes. If you are unable to travel conveniently alone, you may be entitled to a special pass entitling a companion to the same concessions when travelling with you in West Yorkshire. Your companion does not need to be the same person for every journey. Guide dogs travel free of charge and there are no restrictions for travelling on the lower deck of buses.

Can I get a bus pass without my GP having to sign the form?

​It depends, you will be automatically eligible if you can provide proof that you are:

  • In receipt of the higher rate of disability living allowance (a letter from the benefits agency)
  • In receipt of the 40 per cent war pensioners mobility supplement (a letter from the veterans agency)
  • Registered blind (cv 1 form)
  • A registered blue badge holder (your serial number)
  • Unable to drive on medical grounds (evidence from the dvla)

If you do not meet the above criteria you will need to take your completed application form to your doctor or specialist.

Where can I use my pass within West Yorkshire?

You can use your pass on all scheduled train services and almost all journeys on buses in West Yorkshire displaying the Metro symbol. The only exceptions are Night Rider bus services, certain special services, excursions, tours, private hire vehicles, school and works contract services and certain express buses. For travel outside the West Yorkshire boundary check with the local operators for restrictions of use. For further information about which bus services your bus pass is valid on please contact Metro line on 0113 245 7676.

What if I live in West Yorkshire but want to travel by train outside the county boundaries?

If you want to travel to or from points outside West Yorkshire by train you must pay the additional fare at the start of your journey. This will normally be the full adult train fare for the section of your journey not in West Yorkshire. If you do not pay for this section of your journey before you travel you may be charged the full adult train fare for the entire journey.

How long is a bus pass valid for?

Blind persons pass and a disabled persons pass are valid for 5 years.

What happens if I lose or damage my pass?

You need to contact Metro Line on 0113 245 7676. They will send you out a replacement pass within 14 days.