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Council Tax online services

Register for e-billing now

If you register for e-billing we’ll send your Council Tax bill via email rather than through the post. This saves us money and is environmentally friendly.

Please inform us immediately of any changes to your email address. If our emails are returned to us undelivered we will cancel the e-billing arrangement and send your bill by normal post. Please note that we are unable to send exemption notices, reminders or summons via email. These documents will still be sent by post.

Other Council Tax online services

You can carry out a number of other online activities in relation to your Council Tax account:

These activities are also available in the Top tasks section of this page.

Setting up a Direct Debit online

Click on ‘Set up a Direct Debit’ in the Top tasks section and follow the instructions given. You don’t need to ring us – once we have set up the Direct Debit we will send you a Direct Debit confirmation letter. You will usually receive the letter within 7 days, although in late March/early April it may take a little longer.

Requesting a copy bill/proof of payment or exemption statement

You can request a copy of your Council Tax bill/proof of payment or exemption statement by using the Contact Us email form on this page and providing your full name and address. This can be either emailed or posted to you. If you would like it posted to an alternative address please supply this.​​​​


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