Council Tax charges and bands
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Council Tax charges and bands

​Band A (5/9)​ A​ B​ C​ D​ E​ F​ G​ H​
​£ ​826.69 992.03​ 1157.37​ 1322.71 1488.05 1818.72 2149.40 2480.07​ 2976.09

In 2017/18 Leeds City Council’s Council Tax charges have increased by 4.99% compared to 2016/17. This increase is made up of a 1.99% increase for general services plus a 3% Adult Social Care precept to be used exclusively to help fund the increasing costs of adult social care services. For further information on how this is calculated please see our Adult Social Care precept explanation (PDF 101KB). The increase in your council tax bill also includes amounts for the Police & Crime Commissioner and the Fire & Rescue Authority. The Police & Crime Commissioner has increased the Police council tax by £5.00 per Band D property and the Fire & Rescue Authority have increased their council tax by 1.99%. These increases are all shown on the front of your bill.

Despite significant budget pressures, our priority in Leeds remains to protect the most vulnerable and over 65% of our expenditure for 2017/18 will be on Adult Social Care and Children’s Services. Leeds City Council has therefore accepted the offer made by the government to increase Council Tax by an extra 3% this year to assist in funding adult social care services. Please see the ‘Statement concerning adult social care funding’ below for further information on this offer.

Adult social care services provide information, advice and practical support to people over 18 to live as well as possible in a range of circumstances including illness, disability and old age. They also have a responsibility to protect people from abuse and neglect. For more information about adult social care services in Leeds, please see our Adult Social Care page.

Find the tax band of a property


Click to expandWho has to pay council tax?

Council tax regulations set out how to work out who is responsible for the council tax on a property. For further information see the Who has to pay Council Tax? document (PDF 25.9KB) in the Documents section.​​​

Click to expandWhy do I have to pay full council tax when I am not using any/all of the council’s services?

The amount of council tax payable is not affected by how many services a householder receives; it is a contribution towards the cost of all the council’s services, including Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, education, highways, street lighting, waste disposal, parks, sports centres, libraries etc., and also towards the police, fire and rescue services.

Click to expandHow is council tax calculated?

Your council tax is calculated by adding together the money needed by:

  • the Council;
  • the Combined Authority (replacing the Integrated Transport Authority);
  • the Environment Agency;
  • Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire;
  • West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority and
  • your parish/town council (if you have one)

For a table that shows how the total needed from Council Tax is calculated and how the 2017/18 Council Taxes for Leeds City Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Fire and Rescue Authority compare to those for the previous year, you can find a downloadable PDF 'Balancing the Books' (PDF 13KB) in the Documents section on this page.


Click to expandWhat is the adult social care precept?

The 2017/18 Council Tax includes an additional 3% Adult Social Care precept to help fund essential adult social care services. This ‘precept’ was suggested by central government to meet the increased demand and growing pressure on social care budgets. For further information on adult social care funding, please see the Statement concerning adult social care funding document (PDF 60.7KB) in the Documents section.​​​​

Click to expandWho do I speak to if I disagree with the banding of my property?

Each domestic property (such as a house, flat or bungalow) is placed in a Council Tax band by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). Council Tax bands are a range of property values which range from A to H. These bands are not based on today’s house prices, but on what the property might have sold for on 1 April 1991.​

If you disagree with your band you need to contact the Valuation Office Agency at:

Valuation Office Agency
17th Floor
53 Portland Street
Manchester M1 3LD

Telephone: 03000 501 501


Please visit the Valuation Office Agency council tax pages (this link will take you to an external site) for further information. ​​​​

Click to expandStruggling to pay your council tax?


Don’t wait to get a reminder, summons or visit from a Bailiff, as things will only get worse and you could end up with additional fees to pay on top of your council tax.

We can help so please contact us now.

Council tax is a priority debt, along with rent, mortgage, gas, electricity, maintenance and courts fines. This means it must be paid before non-priority debts, which are credit or store card, unsecured personal loans, bank over drafts, credit/interest free/hire purchase agreements, catalogue debts and money borrowed from family and friends.

Contact us at the earliest opportunity, by telephone, email, letter or in person:

  • Online - go to the email link in Contact Us and fill in the online form but please remember to provide your name, full address and phone number
  • Telephone - 0113 222 4404 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)
  • By Post - Leeds City Council, Revenues & Benefits, PO Box 60, Leeds, LS2 8JR
  • In Person - Visit your nearest community hub or one stop centre. Locate your nearest hub or centre by visiting the Where I Live page and entering your postcode

What can we do to help you?

We can offer arrangements to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we may be able to extend your payments over a longer period.

Further information

We are working in partnership with local independent advice agencies who offer help and free advice. For more information and a list of your local agencies, visit the Serious Debt Problems & Debt Advice page or download the Overcoming Financial difficulty booklet (1.1MB) from the Documents section.


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