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Her Majesty’s Coroner for Leeds investigates any sudden or unexplained death. They are independent of both Local and Central Government and are required to act in accordance with laid down rules and procedures.

Contact the Coroner

Coroner’s Service for West Yorkshire (Eastern)

71 Northgate



Telephone: 01924 302180

Fax: 01924 302184 



Click to expandWhen is a death reported to the Coroner?

When no doctor has treated the deceased during his or her last illness.

When the doctor attending the patient did not see him or her within the last 14 days before or after death.

When the death occurred during an operation or before recovery from the effect of an anaesthetic.

When the death was sudden or unexplained or attended by suspicious circumstances.

When the death may be due to an industrial injury or disease, or to accident, violence, neglect or abortion, or to any kind of poisoning.

When the death occurred in police custody or in prison.

When the death occurred in a hospital less than 24 hours after admission.​

Click to expandWhat action may the Coroner take?

The Coroner may decide to do one of three things:

Decide no action is necessary and inform the Registrar to proceed with the death registration

Decide to hold a post-mortem examination, in which case a Form 100B will be issued by the Coroner to the Registrar to be used instead of a medical cause of death certificate

Decide to hold an inquest. The Coroner's Officer will advise you what to do in these circumstances.​

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Contacting the Coroner

To contact the coroner please use the details on this page. Leeds City Council are not able to answer questions on behalf of the coroner.