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Continuing health care

Continuing health care is complex care outside a hospital arranged and funded by the NHS. It is only available to people who meet the eligibility criteria and have on-going healthcare needs. It is available free of charge.

Where is the care provided?
This funding will pay for care in many settings – it could be in a care home, hospice, or the person’s own home.   In their own home it will cover both personal care and healthcare costs.

To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, you or the person you look after must be assessed as having a "primary health need", have a complex medical condition and substantial and on-going care needs.  You can download the NHS Leeds information booklet for more information in the documents section.  There is also a copy of the initial assessment to download from the same place, which will help you to decide if you or the person you care for might be eligible.  You do not need to fill it in before an assessment, it is for information only. 

We can help you get a continuing healthcare assessment.  The initial assessment consists of a short form (downloadable from the documents section), which can be completed by a nurse, doctor, other healthcare professional or social worker. You, or the person you look after, will be told what’s happening, and be asked for their consent.

If the initial assessment shows that you, or the person you look after, may be eligible for funding, you will get a full assessment from a specialist team from NHS Leeds. This team will include any health and social care professionals already involved in the care of the person being assessed.

The link to the NHS Leeds webpage on the right has many useful downloads and information, including copies of the assessment forms. 

To find out more and to get an assessment, talk to your social worker or GP, or call the council’s contact centre on 0113 222 4401.