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Community Support Services

Support to help people live independently at home and in their community

Impact Service
What is the Imapct Service?
The Impact Service offers long-term support for people who have found somewhere to live but who may need a helping hand to get things in order. The team can help people to manage their tenancy, offer practical advice and support, and help them to regain their independence and get involved with their local community.  

The team provide one-to-one support for a pre-agreed amount of time per week – this could be anything from one hour per week to daily support as agreed. The Impact Service works across the city and is based in two teams, one in north Leeds, and the other in the south.

Who is this service for?
The service is for adults over 18 with mental health needs who may also have issues around drug or alcohol use and/or social isolation. 

How can I access the service?
A referral to one of the two teams (see below) should be made through a healthcare professional, voluntary sector service, community mental health team or Adult Social Care.

Contact for referrals:

North Leeds Impact Service
142 Spen Lane, Leeds, LS16 5EJ
Tel: 0113 336 7725

(postcodes for North: LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6, LS8, LS12, LS13, LS14, LS16, LS17, LS18, LS19, LS20, LS28)

South Leeds Impact Service 
Cottingley Court THU, Cottingley Approach, Leeds, LS11 0HP
Tel: 0113 336 7707

(postcodes for South: LS1, LS9, LS10, LS11, LS15, LS25, LS26, LS27 and WF3)

 “My keyworker visits regularly which is important as it gives me someone to talk to.”


Helping homeless people find somewhere to live in Leeds


What can the Mental Health Homeless Team offer?
This team helps anyone who is homeless with mental health needs in Leeds. They can help to find and settle people into their own tenancy in the community, and arrange long-term support with the Impact Service. 

By working together, the team can ensure individuals are given the right support and advice at what may already be a difficult time. They help people to decide what support is needed to improve any aspects of their life including health and wellbeing, relationships, how to manage difficult situations and find things to do with spare time. The team offers face-to-face support for a pre-agreed amount of time, which can be anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours per week. 

The team is proud to have great reputation for their innovative and flexible approach to delivering services for the Leeds community for many years. By working with a range of partners including Positive Pathways – a consortium of organisations providing housing services in Leeds, and agencies providing support for substance use, health and adult social care, personality disorder and other homeless outreach services, they are well placed to facilitate a complete package of care to support recovery.

Who is this service for?
The service is for adults over 18 who are homeless and have mental health needs.

How can I access the service?
A self-referral can either be made by the person in need of support or through a healthcare professional, voluntary sector service, community mental health team or Adult Social Care.   
If you want to refer yourself, download a referral form from www.positivepathwaysleeds.org.uk or phone the Mental Health Homeless Team office on 0113 378 2567 and we will send you a form.

Contact for referrals:

Positive Pathways Hub, Community Links, Bank House, 150 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 5LJ
Tel: 0113 200 9177

 “I was homeless before and looking for accommodation. I was high on methadone, using amphetamines occasionally but now I’ve managed to access low level housing support, reduce the methadone, stop using amphetamines and access the services.”

“I’m a lot better, I can go out-and-about - it’s cushty!”

“It’s a really good service and I couldn’t have managed without it or done the housing things myself - I think it’s fantastic"​