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Comments and suggestions to children’s services

We always welcome your feedback as it is very useful for us to know what you think about any services that we have provided to you. 

You may have had an idea about how we could improve services. If so, then please let us know using one of the methods below to contact us.

You may have questions about how things are going to or have happened and if you don’t know where else to ask, then please use one of the methods listed below and we will make sure that these questions get to the right people and are answered.

Or it could be anything else, please just contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

If you prefer to speak to the staff or service that you usually communicate with, then feel free to do so.

You can contact us:

By mail

Customer Relations,
PO Box 837
LS1 9PZ​

By telephone

0113 395 0310

By e-mail

Please use the Contact Us tab to contact us via e-mail.