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City, Hunslet, Beeston and Holbeck local area


Welcome to the local information page for the city centre, Hunslet, Beeston and Holbeck area

Wyn Davis is the local housing manager with responsibility for housing services for all our neighbourhoods in the city centre, Hunslet, Beeston and Holbeck area.​

He is assisted by team leaders Michelle Honey, Jo-Ann Bradley, Peter Greenwood, Deborah Charlesworth​ and a team of housing officers.​

General enquiries

For general telephone enquiries to our Housing Offices, please call 0800 188 4000 (free from landlines and mobiles).

Calls are dealt with by our contact centre in Leeds (opening times 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

You can also email

Our address

Dewsbury Road One Stop Centre
190 Dewsbury Road
LS11 6PF

Our opening times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30am to 4pm
Wednesday: 8:30am to 3pm

For rent, repairs and basic enquiries you can also visit:

Dewsbury Road One Stop Centre
190 Dewsbury Road
LS11 6PF

Monday and Tuesday: 8:30am to 4pm
Wednesday: 8:30am to 3pm
Thursday and Friday: 8:30am to 5pm

Please note we are not open on bank holidays.


St George's Road
LS10 4UZ
Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Please note we are not open on bank holidays.

Information about our services

Below you can find information about:

  • Housing officers working in your area
  • Estate walkabouts
  • News and events
  • Projects funded by your local Housing Advisory Panel
  • Tenant and resident groups in your area
  • Your Local Community Committees
  • Your local Councillor
  • Bin collections and recycling
  • Local services

To find out more about other council services in your area, please use the Where I Live section on this page.​​​​​​​​​​​

Click to expandBeeston, Cottingley and Holbeck housing officers


Your housing officer deals with a range of things including, rent advice, neighbour nuisance and enforcing tenancy conditions. They are also able to signpost you to other services for advice and support.

Cottingley Towers

Redhall Crescent (1 – 70)


Lewis Reid

Cottingley Heights

Cardinal Road (34 – 90)


Becky Mangham

Cottingley Approach

Cottingley Chase

Cottingley Crescent

Cottingley Drive

Cottingley Fold

Cottingley Gardens

Cottingley Green

Cottingley Grove

Cottingley Road

Cottingley Vale

426-554 Dewsbury Road


Millshaw Mount

Millshaw Road

Cardinal Square (65 – 123)


Harpreet Basi

Cottingley Drive (1 -92)

Dulverton Close

Dulverton Court

Dulverton Gardens

Dulverton Garth

Dulverton Green

Dulverton Grove

Dulverton Place

Dulverton Square

Ring Road 

Stan Hall Cottages

Cardinal Square (18- 64)


Dipak Johal

Allenby Drive

Cardinal Avenue

Cardinal Court

Cardinal Crescent 

Cardinal Grove

Parkwood  Close

Parkwood crescent

Parkwood Road

David Blagden

Balm Place

Balm Walk

Cross Ingram Road

Ingram Close

Ingram Court

Ingram Gardens

Ingram Road

Jenkinson Close

Jenkinson Lawn

Meynell Approach

Meynell Height

Meynell Square

Meynell  Street

Meynell Walk

Murray Crescent

Nineveh Gardens

Willoughby Terrace

Beeston Park Terrace (3- 41)

Baljeet Birdi

Barkly Grove/ Parade/ Place

Barkly Road

Barkly Terrace

Brown lane East

Cleveleys Avenue

Cleveleys Mount

Cleveleys Terrace

Colenso Grove/ Mount/ Place/Road/ Terrace

Crosby Place/ Road/ Street/ Terrace

Cross Flatts Avenue/ Grove/ 

Cross Flatts Parade/ Place/ Road/ Cross Flatts Street

Domestic Street

Firth Grove

Firth Mount

Grovehall Drive

Heath Place

Heathcroft Bank/ Crescent/ Drive/ Lawn/ Rise/ Vale

Marley Grove  

Marley place

Noster Hill /Place/Street

Parkfield Grove

Recreation Avenue/Grove/ Mount/ Recreation Place/ Row/ Street/ Recreation Terrace/ View

Runswick Avenue

Runswick Place

Runswick Street

Runswick Terrace

Rydall Place

Rydall Street

Rydall Terrace

Shafton Lane

Shafton Place

Shafton Street

Shafton View

Tilbury Grove

Tilbury Mount

Tilbury Road

Tilbury Terrace

Woodlea Pleace

Cardinal Square (1 – 15)

Cardinal Walk (2 –10)

Nigel Dowling





Barton Grove

Barton Terrace

Barton View

Buckton Close

Buckton Mount

Buckton View

Gaitskell Court

Gaitskell Grange 

Gaitskell Walk

Holbeck Moor Road

Holbeck Towers

Malvern Grove

Malvern Rise

Malvern Road

Malvern Street

Malvern View

Normanton Grove

Normanton Place

Temple Garth

West View

Beeston Park Garth (1 – 19)

Beeston Park Grove (1 - 49)

Debbie Brazier



Click to expandCity and Hunslet housing officers


Your housing officer deals with a range of things including, rent advice, neighbour nuisance and enforcing tenancy conditions. They are also able to signpost you to other services for advice and support.

Hunslet Hall Close

Hunslet Hall mews

Marlborough  Grange

Marlborough Street

Marlborough Towers Northcote Crescent

Northcote Drive

Northcote Green

Atha Crescent (1 & 38)

Atha Close (4)

Atha Street (16B – 69)

Andrew Benson

Clovelly Avenue 

Clovelly Grove

Clovelly Place

Clovelly Row

Crescent Grange

Crescent Towers

Brompton Row

Bude Road

99-125 Dewsbury Road

354 Dewsbury Road

Dobson Avenue

Dobson Grove

Dobson Place

Dobson Terrace

Fairford Terrace

Harlech Avenue

Harlech Grove

Harlech Street

Linden Road

Linden Street

Longroyd Avenue

Longroyd Crescent

Longroyd Crescent North

Longroyd Grove

Longroyd Place

Longroyd View

Moor Crescent Chase

Moor Crescent Gardens

Primrose Lane

Stratford Street

Trentham Avenue

Trentham Grove

Trentham Place

Trentham Row

Westbourne Avenue

Westbourne Street

Wickham Street

Woodview Grove

Woodview Mount

Woodview Road

Waincliffe Garth (1 – 6)

Waincliffe Place (1 – 12)

Waincliffe Square (1 – 6)

Chris Powell 

Beeston Road

Beverley View

Bret Gardens

Burlington Road

Colwyn Road

Coupland Place

Coupland Road

Cranbrook Avenue

Dawson Road

Flaxton Close

Flaxton Gardens

Flaxton Street

Fulham Place

Folly Lane

Fulham Place

Fulham Square

Fulham Street

Greenmount Court

Greenmount Street

Greenmount Terrace

Ingleton Close

Ingleton Street

Lady Pit Lane

Sunbeam Avenue

Sunbeam Grove

Sunbeam Place

Sunbeam Terrace

Waverley Garth 

Waincliffe Place (15 - 43)

Arun Dass

Back Beverley Terrace

Bismark Drive

Bismark Street

Bismarck Way

Cambrian Street

Cambrian Terrace

Disraeli Gardens

Disraeli Terrace

Linden Mount

Moorville Close

Maitland Place

St Lukes Crescent

St Lukes Green

St Lukes Road

St Lukes Street

Waincliffe Place (44 – 71)


Mohammed Ahmed

Balmoral Chase

Leasowe Close

Leasowe Garth

Leasowe Road

Midland Close

Midland Garth

New Pepper Road

Rocheford Close

Rocheford Court

Rocheford Gardens

Rocheford Grove

Rocheford Walk

Sussex Gardens

Sussex Green

Sussex Place

Tremont Gardens

Redhall  Close (4 – 30)

Matt Stevenson



Arthington Court

Belinda Street

Chesney Avenue

Church Street

Grove Road

Hemingway Close

Hemingway Garth

Hemingway Green

Hillidge Square 

Hillidge Road

Joseph Street

Lupton Street

Moor Close

Moor Road

Prosper Street

Springfield Green

Springfield Place

Whitfield Avenue 

Whitfield Gardens

Whitfield Place

Whitfield Square

Beeston Park Croft (2 -8)

Town Street (65 – 91)


Claire Morris

Cemetery Road

Fairfax Crescent

Fairfax Road

Garnet Grove

Garnet Place

Garnet Road

Garnet Terrace

Leasowe Avenue

Lodge Lane

Oakley Grove

Royal Close

Royal Court

Royal Drive

Royal Gardens

Royal Grove

Royal Place

Rowland Place

Rowland Terrace

Sandon Mount

Telford Gardens

Telford Place

Telford Street

Telford Terrace

Telford Walk

Tempest Road

Woodhouse Hill Avenue

Woodhouse Hill Grove

Woodhouse Hill Place

Woodhouse Hill Road

Manorfield (1 – 14)

Waincliffe Place (72 – 86)

Donna Bracewell


Click to expandEstate walkabouts


Estate walkabouts give residents the chance accompany our housing officers and work with us to make our estates a better place to live.

If you would like to take part in the walkabout all you have to do is tell your local Housing Office and turn up on the day.

To find out more, please download the Beeston, Cottingley and Holbeck estate walkabouts timetable (PDF 0.2MB) and the City and Hunslet estate walkabouts timetable (PDF 0.2MB).


Click to expandEvents

Keep up to date with events in your area such as, tenant meetings, training information and consultation training sessions.​​

Find out more about upcoming events

Click to expandImproving your homes and neighbourhoods

We plan investment to your homes and neighbourhoods, and have identified the work that is required in the future.

Work will only be carried out to properties that have been identified as needing it and our proposed plans may be subject to change due to changes in funding.

Find out more on our Improving your homes and neighbourhoods page. ​

Click to expandNews


​There are many ways to keep up to date with housing related news

Follow us on Twitter
Follow us on Facebook

The latest edition of our newsletter

You can also read the latest newsletter from your local area Housing Office team (1 MB)​​​

Click to expandYour local Housing Advisory Panel

There are 11 local Housing Advisory Panels across Leeds, each with a budget that they can use to fund local projects to benefit local tenants.

Find out more about your local Housing Advisory Panel

Click to expandMoney, budgeting and benefits advice


If you need help with money, budgeting or benefits advice then please book in to see us. FREE appointments are available; for an appointment near you view our citywide timetable (PDF 211KB).​

Click to expandGet involved in your local area and community


No matter where you live or how young or old you are, you can get involved with us, have your say and make a difference in your local area and community.

Getting involved isn’t all about coming to meetings. You can join us on estate walkabouts, carry out mystery shopping, answer surveys or attend local events. Tenant and Resident Associations (TARAs) and Area Reps represent their local communities and are involved in decisions about their homes and environment.

If you would like to find out more about what is happening in your area or if you are thinking of setting up a group, contact Catherine Bell, your Tenant Engagement Officer.

Telephone: 0113 378 1349

Find out more about how you can get involved

Find out more about Tenant and Resident Associations and & Area Reps​​​

Click to expandYour local community committee


​There are 10 community committees across the city providing local people with opportunities to have their say about what happens in their community. Housing Leeds works closely with these committees.

Find out more about the inner south community committee

Click to expandLocal support to get online and improve your digital skills

Find organisations local to you in Leeds where you can get online, or get support to improve your digital skills. If you’re an organisation that offers support or access, then you can join the 100% Digital Leeds movement and get your organisation on the map using the 100% Digital Leeds website.

Please note that Tinder Foundation is independent to Leeds City Council. We are not responsible for their content and information.​​​​​​

Click to expandYour local councillors

​Leeds councillors provide a voice to the people living in the ward that they represent.  They are aware of the needs of their community and are in touch with the issues that local people face. 

Find details of your Local Councillors

Click to expandBins and recycling

​You can find out when your bin collection dates are, get rid of large items and find out more about recycling facilities in your area. 

Bins and recycling pages

Click to expandUseful local organisations


​The following are links to further local information.

Please note that Leeds City Council is not responsible for the content on external websites.

Hamara Healthy Living Centre

Tiger 11

Green for Go Groundwork project

Cloth cat (empowering people through music

South Leeds Community Radio

Click to expandLocal Sheltered Scheme information


​​Sheltered housing provides a supportive environment for older, vulnerable and disabled people in the community. You can stay independent whilst benefiting from support and security.

To find out more about the schemes and what they offer, please download the City and Hunslet area sheltered scheme information sheet (PDF 1.78MB).​​​​

A £13 weekly service charge is included within the rent for the Sheltered Support Officer service. If your rent is met by full Housing Benefit the £13 charge is paid in full via housing benefit. If you are an existing tenant and you do not receive housing benefit, or receive part benefit, you pay a weekly contribution of £4 towards this charge. The remaining £9 is paid by the council; this will show as an adjustment on your rent account. If you are a new tenant and do not receive full or part Housing Benefit you will be charged the full £13.

The Sheltered Support Charge is payable by all residents living in sheltered housing, even if they have made a decision not to receive regular contact from the Sheltered Support Officer.

To view documents in PDF format you will require the free Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

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