Children's Disability Register
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Children's Disability Register

All local authorities are required by the Children Act 1989 to hold a register of disabled children and young people.

The register is a list of children and young people in Leeds who have SEN and disabilities and who receive, or may one day need to use the services from health, social services, education or the third sector (voluntary organisations).​

Click to expandWhat is it for?

The register provides a contact point for providing families with information about services and opportunities to be involved in consultations about SEN and disabilities. The information from the register will help Children’s Services to build a broader picture of SEN and disability across the city from a family’s perspective.

Click to expandWho can see the information on the register?

The register is managed and kept up to date by the Placement Service, Leeds Children’s Services. We will only share statistical information (figures only, no names) with our partners in health and social care so that we can work together in the planning and delivery of local services for families in Leeds.

Click to expandWho can register?

You can register your child or young person if they are under 25 years of age with complex learning difficulties, additional needs or a disability.

We would like the parents and carers of all children and young people who have SEN and disabilities to register their child or young person so we can make the best plans for the future. No one has to register if they do not want to. It is a voluntary register and only contains the information that you as a parent or carer tells us about.

Click to expandWhy do we ask for an NHS number?

We ask for your child or young person’s NHS number and date of birth so that we can identify them as an individual child or young person on the register to avoid any duplication. A person’s NHS number is a unique number that everyone has from birth onwards and it does not change over time. We will not use your child or young person’s NHS number to access any of your child or young person’s medical records.​

Click to expandWho can fill in the application form?

The parent, carer or guardian of a disabled child or young person, or the young person themselves. Where a young person is turning 16 we will ask for their consent to be on or remain on the register.

The application form can be downloaded from the Documents section on this page.

Click to expandWhere do I send the form?

Please sign and return your completed form, by post to:

Children’s Services
Placement Service
PO Box 837

Or, by email to:

(Please be aware that using email is not a secure method of sending personal details)

Click to expandWhat if the information about the child or young person changes?

We will contact you once a year to check that the information you originally provided is still current. We will do this either by writing to you at your address or by sending you an email depending on which method of contact you have told us you prefer.

Click to expandPost 16 consent

30 days before the young person’s 16th birthday we will contact the young person (at the address provided) to ask if they would like their details to remain on the register. Where the young person is not able to provide informed consent we will ask you their parent or carer for continued consent.

Click to expandData Protection Act 1998

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, we are letting you know that by signing this form you are giving your specific consent for Leeds City Council children's services to process the information we collect from you for the purpose of registering your details on a Leeds disability register. In accordance with the Children Act 1989, we are required by law to have such a register. The information collected from you may be shared not only with other areas within Leeds City Council, but also with other relevant professionals and organisations, such as the NHS, however only where appropriate. This sharing will be done only where it is necessary or where we are legally obliged to do so and is strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your information may be collated or monitored, in an anonymised format, for the purposes of improving services in Leeds. If you have any queries regarding information sharing please the Best Practice Development Team at in the first instance.

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