Paying for non-residential care
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Paying for non-residential care

​Non-residential care is support provided to you in your own home to help you live as independently as possible. Help with things like washing and dressing and making sure you take your medication on time or going to a day centre.


The services available are: 

  • Home Care
  • Day Services
  • Transport to Services
  • Supported Living
  • Telecare Pendant Alarm
  • Telecare
  • Shared Lives Sitting Services
  • Mental Health Day Services
  • Mental Health Housing Support Services
  • A Direct Payment for you to arrange your  own services

Is there a charge for non-residential care?

Yes. We ask for a contribution, if you can afford to make one, towards the cost of the services you receive. This is to help us provide and develop services to a high standard. Everyone has the right to an assessment of their care needs. If you are assessed by a care manager or social worker as needing care you may be entitled to receive financial help. The amount you will be expected to contribute is related to how much you are assessed as being able to pay.

If you receive a direct payment any contribution you are assessed to make will be deducted from the amount we pay you.  

Our charging policy for non-residential social care services is available as a PDF (2MB)​​​​

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