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Buying your home

​As a tenant of Leeds City Council, you may have the right to buy your home.
This page will give you information about the Right To Buy process. You should always seek your own independent legal and financial advice before making any financial or other commitments.

Who can apply to buy a council property?

​Some tenants with a Secure Tenancy Agreement can apply to buy their home.

Introductory Tenants cannot apply.

Some properties for the elderly or persons with disability may be exempt and cannot be bought. Check with the Home Ownership Team to find out if you live in one of these properties by using the email option in Contact Us.

There may be other reasons which may mean you cannot buy your home, such as if you are an un-discharged bankrupt, subject to a court order, in breach of any aspect of your Tenancy Agreement, Anti-social behaviour etc.

The qualifying period

​To qualify, you must have spent at least three years as:

  A tenant of Leeds City Council;

  A tenant of another council or housing association; or

  If you have lived in armed forces accommodation.

The qualifying period is the total number of years that you have spent as any of the above.

If you have had a break as a tenant, you can still include previous tenancies. 

The discount available

​Tenants living in a house or bungalow are entitled to a discount of 35% on the value of the property, after the qualifying tenancy period of 3 years.

The discount remains at 35% up to and including year 5. At year 6 the discount will increase by 1% per completed year of tenancy up until the date of application to a maximum of 40 years and 70%.

Tenants living in a flat or maisonette are entitled to a discount of 50% on the value of the property after the qualifying tenancy period of 3 years.

The discount remains at 50% up to and including year 5. At year 6 the discount will increase by an additional 2% per completed year of tenancy up until the date of application to a maximum of 15 years and 70%.

Cost Floor: The Council cannot sell a property below the value of the costs it has spent on purchasing, building, improving and repairing the property in the past 10 years (15 years for properties built on or after April 2012).This may mean you will receive less discount than your years of tenancy entitle you to, or you may not receive any discount at all.

The maximum amount of discount which any tenant can receive is £77,900.

If you sell within 5 years of buying your home from the Council, you will have to re-pay all, some, and in some cases more, of the discount you received from the council. The amount you repay is based on the value of your home when you want to sell. If you have improved your home an agreed adjustment may be allowed for this work.

Important information about buying a flat or maisonette

​If you buy a flat or maisonette, you will buy your council home on a ‘lease’. This is normally for 125 years but it can be for a shorter period.

As well as their mortgage, Leaseholders are responsible for paying an annual service charge for services provided by the Council. The service charge covers repairs to the communal areas of the block. These include communal security lights, controlled entry doors, fall pipes, guttering, lifts, painting of communal areas, roofs, shared walkways and stairwells

Leaseholders are legally responsible for paying a share of the cost of any major works of repair and/or improvement to the block containing their flat.  This could include the following: re-roofing, new gutters, windows to communal areas, fire alarms and/or doors, controlled entry doors and replacement of lifts.

We have included our guide for leaseholders in the Documents section on this page

How long does the application to buy a home take?

The Home Ownership Team will tell you within 4 weeks of applying if you have the right to buy. They will provide you with the purchase price within 12 weeks of applying to buy a house or bungalow.

If you are applying to buy a flat or maisonette you will receive details of the purchase price and service charges within 16 weeks.

Requesting repairs while waiting to buy a council property.

If you have applied to buy your home the Council still have a duty, as your landlord, to carry out repairs to your home. 

We will only carry out repairs necessary to keep your home in a 'weatherproof and safe' condition.

If you need a repair, you should let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss what we can and cannot do.

If a repair you have asked for is expensive- and something that would normally happen as part of a repairs programme, it may not be possible to do the work whilst you are applying to buy your home. This is because it may affect the valuation of your home.

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