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Buying your council home

Right to Buy Qualification
If you are a tenant in council property, you may be able to buy your home from us. To qualify, you must have spent at least five years as:

  • A tenant of Leeds City Council;
  • A tenant of another council or housing association; or
  • If you have lived in armed forces accommodation.

If you have had a break as a tenant, you can still include previous tenancies. 

You may not be able to buy some types of property. These include:

  • Specialist housing for the elderly, or disabled people;
  • A property that you have in connection with your job; and
  • Not having a secure tenancy, e.g. an introductory tenancy.

You may be able to buy your home with a discount. The longer you have been a tenant, the larger your discount.

  • If you live in a house, you could get a discount between 35 per cent and 70 per cent of its value
  • If you live in a flat, you could get a discount between 50 and 70 per cent of its value.

The maximum discount for any property is £77,900.

Buying a flat or maisonette
As a tenant of a flat or maisonette, you will buy your council home on a ‘lease’. This is normally for 125 years but it can be for a shorter period.

As well as your mortgage, you will also have to pay an annual service charge for services provided by the Council.

Information for leaseholders
We have included our guide for leaseholders in the Documents section on this page.

Selling your home
If you buy your home, you can sell it in the future. However, if you sell it in less than five years, you will have to pay back some or all of the discount.

Contact us
Tel. (0113) 247 6041 / 247 6042
Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5pm
Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Leeds City Council
Home Ownership Team 
5th Floor South
2A Great George Street


How long will it take to process my application to buy my home?

We should tell you within 4 weeks of applying if you have the right to buy.
You should have a price in writing from us within 12 weeks of applying to buy (if your home is a house/bungalow).
If you live in a flat or a maisonette, we have 16 weeks to tell you the price and details of service charges you will need to pay as a leaseholder.

What repairs can I ask for while waiting to buy my home?

If you apply to buy your home, we still have a duty (as your landlord) to carry out maintenance repairs to your home.  We will only carry out repairs necessary to keep your home in a 'weatherproof and safe' condition.
If you need a repair, you should let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss what we can and cannot do.

Who might not qualify for right to buy?

People with an un-discharged bankruptcy.
If you have composition/arrangement with creditors which remains unpaid.
People who have a bankruptcy petition pending against them.
If you have receiving order in force against you.

What if I have asked for is more than just maintenance?

If a repair you have asked for is expensive - and something that would normally happen as part of a repairs programme, it may not be possible to do the work whilst you are still applying to buy your home. This is because it may affect the valuation of your home.

You may want to consider if you wish to buy your home in its present condition or decide to cancel your application and wait for the necessary work.

If I am buying a flat or maisonette, are there any other costs I may need to pay in the future?

When you buy your flat or maisonette as part of your lease, you become legally responsible for paying your share of the cost of any major works of repair and/or improvement to the block containing your flat.

This could include the following: re-roofing, new gutters, windows to communal areas, fire alarms and/or doors, controlled entry doors and replacement of lifts.

If I am buying a flat, what will be included in my annual service charge?

Your service charge covers repairs to the communal areas of the block. These include: communal security lights; controlled  entry doors; fall pipes; guttering; lifts; painting of communal areas; roofs; shared walkways and stairwells.

Council homes on my estate are having improvements carried out. Will I be able to get these too?

If you have applied for the right to buy your home, works to improve your home will not take place. Any major work would affect the valuation of the property.

Will you do any repairs that still need doing after I have bought my home?

No. We can only carry out any agreed repairs before you complete the purchase of your home.

If I have carried out my own home improvements, will they affect how much I have to pay for the property?

We will not take into account any home improvements you have made when evaluating the cost of the property.

Will the amount I have to pay increase if it takes longer than expected to process my application?

We fix the value of your home from the date we receive your application, assessing the property’s condition at that time.