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Blue badge parking

The blue badge scheme allows people with severe mobility problems to park close to their destination for free. Badges last up to three years. The scheme is recognised throughout the UK and the European Union.

Please be wary of some websites which charge extra for blue badge permits. A blue badge from Leeds City Council costs £10.

How do I apply for a blue badge?

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a blue badge is to complete the online form.

You can also apply by:

  • downloading the relevant application form from the Documents section; or
  • visiting one of our one stop centres (please find your nearest by using the search option on this page); or
  • requesting an application pack by using the Contact us form on this page.

Using any of the above three options you can apply for a blue badge to help with accessible parking for children under the age of 3 who, on account of a medical condition must always be:

  • accompanied by bulky medical equipment which cannot be carried around without great difficulty; or
  • near a vehicle so they can, if necessary, be treated for their condition in the vehicle or taken quickly to a place where they can be treated.

Who can apply for a blue badge?

You don’t have to own a vehicle or be able to drive to have a blue badge as it can be used in any vehicle in which you travel as a passenger.

More details about the eligibility criteria can be found on this page (In the FAQ section) and on the relevant application form in the Documents section.

What will happen next?

If you are eligible without any further assessment and have provided all your documentation and payment, you will receive your blue badge within 10 working days.

If you are eligible subject to further assessment, all applicants will be contacted by the Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA) team to make an appointment for an assessment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Frequently asked questions

Click to expandWhere can I park with a disabled parking permit/blue badge?

General guidelines can be found by clicking on the link below to the Department for Transport's publication 'The Blue Badge Scheme: rights and responsibilities in England'.

You can find out the location of Blue Badge (disabled persons) parking bays in Leeds by clicking on the TraffWeb link below. 

Leeds City Council enforce the blue badge scheme. Misuse of blue badges can lead to confiscation of badges and prosecution.

The Blue Badge Scheme: rights and responsibilities in England


Click to expandWho can apply for a blue badge?

There are a number of criteria that give an automatic entitlement to a blue badge (eligible without further assessment). If you are in receipt of any of the following, then you can also have a blue badge:

  • You are in receipt of the higher rate mobility component of disability living allowance;
  • You are registered blind;
  • You have been awarded the enhanced rate of 8 points or more in the moving around category of Personal Independent Payments (P.I.P);
  • You receive a war pensioner’s mobility supplement;
  • You are in receipt of a tariff 1 through 8 of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme having been assessed as having a permanent and substantial disability;
  • You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are not expected to live beyond twelve months.

Proof of these entitlements must be included with your application.  You will also need to provide proofs of your address and identity.

You may also be entitled to a blue badge if you are a regular driver with a severe disability affecting both arms and have an adapted vehicle.

Proof of these entitlements must be included with your application. You may still be eligible for a blue badge if you have a long term and substantial mobility issue.  Applicants may be asked to attend an independent mobility assessment to ensure they meet the criteria as set out by the Department for Transport.

Once you have completed and returned your application form,this team will contact you to make an appointment if you need to attend.

The quickest way to apply is online on our website. You can also download an application form to apply by post.​

Click to expandWho do I speak to about a disabled parking permit/blue badge?

​You can contact us by email or speak to an advisor on 0113 222 4444 or visit your local One Stop Centre.

Click to expandUsing your blue badge

The concessions apply to on street parking where badge holders may park close to their destination, providing no parking restrictions apply.

Click to expandReplacement Badges

If you have lost your badge or think it may have been stolen you must report this to the West Yorkshire Police on 101. You will be given either a lost property or crime number, which will be needed when requesting your replacement badge. You will also need to provide a recent passport quality photo along with your payment of £5. Please note that if your blue badge was due to expire within the next three months you will need to reapply with a completed application form and pay the full £10 fee.

Click to expandBlue Badge cost and payment methods

A blue badge costs £10. Your badge cannot be ordered until cleared payment has been received. The quickest way to pay is by debit or credit card. Please call 0113 2224444 and have your card details to hand. If you are unable to pay by debit card or credit card use this telephone number to find out about other methods of payment. You can make your payment ay any time during the application process. If your application is unsuccessful your payment will be refunded.

Customers who meet one of the following categories don't need to pay for their blue badge:

  • Children under 16;
  • People who are terminally ill (someone who is not expected to live beyond 12 months);
  • People in receipt of a war pensioner's mobility supplement;
  • Armed service personnel in receipt of a lump sum benefit from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme under tariffs 1 through 8.


Click to expandWhat to do if you're moving address

​You can email, write to us at Blue Badge, PO Box 657, Leeds, LS1 9BS or contact Customer Services on 0113 222 4444

Click to expandHow do I renew my Blue Badge? What if my Blue Badge is due to expire?

There is no facility to "renew" a blue badge, so you will need to contact us to apply for a new one again and provide another photograph taken within the previous 6 months, along with any proofs required.​

Click to expandWhat documents do I need to send with my application form?

If you are applying to Leeds for the the first time we will need a copy of one proof of identity- for example a copy of the photo page from your passport or driving license, plus one proof of address- for example a recent utility bill. It's important that you only send copies do not send your original documents to us.If you already have a blue badge issued by Leeds City Council we won't need these.
All applicants need to provide a passport quality photograph taken within 6 months of the date of application.
An actual passport photograph is not required, just a photograph that would meet these standards a clear head and shoulders picture is acceptable and we are able to process digital images taken on a mobile phone camera or a webcam. You can email these to

If you are applying under Part A – eligible without further assessment you will need to send a copy of your entitlement - for example if you receive higher rate disabled living allowance ,please send a copy of your most recent entitlement letter. Please do not send your original documents.

You can send these details to us by email ( or by post to PO Box 657 Leeds LS1 9BS


Click to expandWhat should I do if a Blue Badge is no longer needed?

Any Blue Badge that is no longer needed e.g. if the applicant is now deceased, should be returned to us. You can post this to Blue Badge Team PO Box 657 Leeds LS1 9BS or hand it in at any of our One Stop Centres.

To view documents in PDF format you will require the free Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

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