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A blue badge from Leeds City Council costs £10

Beware of other websites offering blue badges. These may be scams. Please ensure you use the official GOV.UK website to apply for your badge

Blue badge parking

A blue badge will help you to park close to your destination, either as a passenger or a driver. The badge is intended for on-street parking only. Off-street car parks are goverened by separate rules. It is up to the car park owner to decide whether badge holders can park free of charge. A blue badge is awarded for up to three years. The scheme is recognised throughout the UK and the European Union.

Who can apply for a blue badge?

You don’t have to own a vehicle or be able to drive to have a blue badge. It can be used in any vehicle in which you travel as a passenger. Find out how to apply for a blue badge.

How do I renew my blue badge?

There is no facility to "renew" a blue badge. You will need to apply for a new one using the guidance on our blue badge application page. Please note that you will need to supply proof of eligibility again when reapplying. More information can be found under the frequently asked question "My blue badge is due to expire, how do I re-apply?" at the bottom of this page.

How much does a blue badge cost and how do I pay?

A blue badge costs £10. Your badge cannot be ordered until cleared payment has been received. Please pay by debit or credit card by calling 0113 222 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Please note: If you are required to attend an Independent Mobility Assessment, you will receive a letter advising of this and how to contact the assessment team. In these cases, you should not make payment for a blue badge until you have been advised your application has been successful.

Customers who meet one of the following categories don't need to pay for their blue badge:

  • Children under 16
  • People who are terminally ill (someone who is not expected to live beyond 12 months)
  • People in receipt of a War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • Armed service personnel in receipt of a tariff 1 to 8 from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme having been assessed as having a permanent and substantial disability

Frequently asked questions


Click to expandHow to use your blue badge and where to park

General guidelines about where you can and can't park are provided in the Department of Transport's rights and responsibilities document (PDF 1.6MB).

This includes where you can and can't park, badges for organisations, travelling in London, travelling abroad and toll concessions for blue badge holders.

If you move out of Leeds you can still use the badge until it expires. When your badge needs renewing you should contact the Council where you now live.

You should not hold more than one blue badge at any given time or share your blue badge.

Parking in Leeds city centre

You can find out the location of blue badge (disabled persons) parking bays in Leeds city centre on page 2 of our Leeds City Centre Parking Map (PDF 3.5MB).

With a blue badge you can:

  • park on-street for free and without time limit at both metered and 'pay and display' sites

  • park in designated disabled bays free and without time limit unless the sign states otherwise, check local signs for information. Where there is a time restriction the special parking disc needs to be displayed showing the time of arrival together with the disabled badge

  • park on single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours as long as both the blue badge and special parking disk that shows your arrival time is displayed. There are some local restrictions to this, for example, where there is a ban on vehicle loading or unloading. You should always check local signs

  • park in resident parking permit bays without a time limit

  • use your blue badge throughout the European Union (EU), although the terms may vary between countries. Check EU blue badge rules before you travel

Where not to park

There are places where no parking is allowed, including in pedestrianised areas, in bus or cycle lanes, on pedestrian crossings, on zigzag markings and in suspended parking bays. You are also not allowed to park in a location where your vehicle would be obstructive or cause a danger to others, such as on a pavement.


Click to expandAre there any changes you need to let us know about?

​A blue badge is no longer needed

Please return to: Blue Badge Team, PO Box 657, Leeds LS1 9BS or hand it in at any of our One Stop Centres.

Moving address

If you are moving or have already moved address, we need you to provide both your current/old and new address and the date of the move. Documents showing this information can be taken into one of our One Stop Centres or Community Hubs. Alternatively you can write to: Blue Badge Team, PO Box 657, Leeds, LS1 9BS​

Click to expandWhat should I do if I suspect misuse of a blue badge?

If you suspect misuse please email the Blue Badge Team: ​​

Click to expandWhat should I do if my blue badge has been lost or stolen?

Mislaid blue badge

If you know you have lost your badge at home or perhaps it has fallen behind the dashboard of the car, you can either report this online or contact the blue badge team on 0113 222 44 44 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm) or email:

You will be charged £5 for a replacement badge.

Lost or stolen blue badge

If you don't know where you lost your badge or think it may have been stolen you must report this to West Yorkshire Police by calling 101. You will be given a lost property or crime reference number.

You can then report this either online or contact the blue badge team on 0113 222 44 44 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm) or email:

You will be charged £5 for a replacement badge.

Advice: If your lost or stolen blue badge was due to expire within the next three months you should re-apply for a new badge rather than report it lost or stolen. Please refer to the frequently asked questions to find out how to re-apply for your blue badge. 

Click to expandHow long does my blue badge last for?


Each blue badge can last for a maximum of 3 years. The length of time your badge will be awarded will match the length of time your Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is awarded for.​​​​

Click to expandMy blue badge is due to expire, how do I re-apply?

​There is no facility to "renew" a blue badge. You will need to apply for a new one.

​You can re-apply up to 3 months before your current blue badge expires. Please re-apply as early as possible to help ensure we can re-issue your blue badge before your current one expires. ​

When reapplying you will still need to supply proof that you meet the eligibility criteria, even if you’ve had a blue badge before.

You do not need to supply proofs of address and identity again unless these details have changed since your last application, however the "Evidence" section of the online application form requires that these fields are ticked in order to proceed. In this case, please select the top option for both Proof of Address and Proof of Identity - "Council Tax bill" and "Birth certificate/adoption certificate." ​​​

Click to expandHow do I apply for a disabled parking bay outside my home?

​To apply

Contact the Access Officer on 0113 378 7279 (answer phone facility available) or email


As an applicant you must hold a current blue badge or a document that confirms your receipt of the Mobility Component (paid at the higher rate) of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). A photocopy of either of these two requirements are required along with a completed application form.

A vehicle must be kept permanently at the home of the blue badge holder.

Any blue badge holder can use a disabled parking bay. They are not for the exclusive use of the initial applicant.


Once we receive a completed application form, along with appropriate documentation, we will visit the site and plot the proposed bay.

Details of the proposed bay along with a proposal letter and a comments form are then sent to neighbouring properties as part of a 3 week consultation. If any valid objection/s are received, the application cannot proceed any further. If no valid objections are received, we will arrange for the bay to be created once authority is gained from Traffic Management (LCC).​

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