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This page tells you when we would use bailiffs to collect Council Tax debts and what you need to do to avoid a visit from the bailiffs.

When we would use bailiffs

The law allows us to use bailiffs to collect council tax debts after a Liability Order has been granted.  We know that a visit from a bailiff can be upsetting so we will only use them if there is no other way of getting you to pay your Council Tax debt.

In most cases, if we have decided that a bailiff can collect your debt, we will not become involved in your negotiations with the bailiff.  At this stage, you have no right to insist on a payment arrangement but a bailiff may agree to one in exceptional circumstances.

How do I avoid a visit from bailiffs?

Before we send a Council Tax debt to the bailiffs, we always encourage you to contact us first to try to avoid this. We will therefore send you a warning letter at least 14 days before we instruct a bailiff to act. The letter will request payment in full, and advise you of the potential costs if bailiffs are instructed.  
We wouldn’t want to use a bailiff to collect your debt if you have been seriously ill or recently bereaved, but we usually don’t know about your individual circumstances - please contact us if we pass your debt to the bailiff in these circumstances. We can be reached via telephone on 0113 376 0362 or by email.

What can a bailiff do?

A bailiff can take your belongings so that they can be sold to pay off a Council Tax debt, so it’s very important you don’t ignore any letters the bailiff sends or leaves at your home. 

The bailiff companies we use

We currently use four bailiff companies to collect Council Tax debts.  The bailiffs they employ hold a court certificate and  are properly trained to behave in a professional manner. They must always carry their identity card when working.

If you are concerned that a bailiff is not acting legally or professionally or has added the wrong bailiff fees to your debt, you can ring us and we will explain what the law does or doesn’t allow a bailiff to do.

Details of the four bailiff companies we use are given below.

Wavell House
Holcombe Road
Tel: 0844 7013980
Fax: 01706 831126

Jacobs Ltd (Certified Bailiffs)
4 Europa Boulevard
Conway Park
CH41 4PE
Tel: 0151 650 4800
Fax: 0151 650 4999

Marston Group Ltd
PO BOX 323


Tel: 0845 076 6262
Fax: 01992 703 703

Equita Ltd
Central Payments Office
PO Box 30
Tel: 0845 6010011 or 0870 5581581
Fax: 0161 832 0372

Bailiff fees and charges


From 6th April 2014, bailiff charges are governed by Statutory Instrument No.1of 2014. There is an initial fee payable of £75.00 per court liability order at the point that cases are sent to the bailiffs. There is then an additional charge of at least £235.00 if the bailiff has to visit.

If however a 'levy' was done on your goods before 6th April 2014, fees are recoverable under 'Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 Statutory Instrument No 613 Schedule 5 Regulation 8 - charges connected to distress). Please see the documents section for more information.​​​​​​​​

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