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Autism is quite a common condition, about one in every hundred people are on the autistic spectrum – that’s around 7,000 people in Leeds. The autistic spectrum is very wide and it includes people with Aspergers syndrome, autism and other conditions.  Here we use the words autism to include all these people.

People with autism can have a wide variety of needs but some may only need support in one part of their life. We are very aware that the needs of adults on the autistic spectrum have not always been fully recognised or met in Leeds.

Together with other organisations in Leeds, in January 2012 we launched a strategy for improving services and supports for adults with autism. Called 'Leeds adult autism strategy 2011 - 2014' this was an important step towards making things better for people on the autistic spectrum in the city.

The strategy contains seven objectives to improving services and help for people with autism in Leeds. These are listed in the document 'Strategy - objectives & plan' which you can download from the Documents section on this page. There is an easy read version of the strategy, as well as other chapters of the strategy.

One main objective was to set up an Autism partnership board. This is responsible for helping partner bodies to improve their services and for evaluating the progress of the strategy. People who sit on the board come from all the agencies and interest groups who will bring about the improvements. The partnership board papers will be available to download from this page.

People with autism and their carers are a key part of the partnership board – we have groups to help them have an input into planning, development and monitoring of services. If you want to be involved contact us on 0113 247 6060.

We also have working groups on employment, training and information, and a forum for service providers.