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At risk of losing your home

If you are a homeowner and can no longer afford your mortgage payments, you should talk to your lender as soon as possible as they have a range of options which may be able to help you. There are also several money advice services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau who may be able to talk to your lender about the options available.
If you have contacted your lender and they cannot help, there may be specialist help available for you through our Mortgage Team at Leeds Housing Options.

Advice for tenants
If you are privately renting your home and your landlord has asked you to leave, you should come and speak to us as soon as you can. The earlier you contact us the more assistance we will be able to give you. We will always check the validity of the notice and negotiate with your landlord to see if you can remain in your home. If this is not possible we will try to get more time for you to move in a planned way. 

If you require urgent assistance please contact us as soon as possible and ask to speak to our Mortgage Team. 

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