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Report anti social behaviour

How to report Anti Social Behaviour

​It is important that nuisance is dealt with by the appropriate agency and not allowed to escalate.

If you are a council tenant, please report neighbour disputes, untidy gardens, boundary disputes, noise nuisance or breaches of tenancy agreement to your local housing office in the first instance.

If you rent your home from a housing association, private landlord or letting agency, please report the problem to them in the first instance.

If you own your home, or if you have reported problems to your landlord and they have not been resolved, contact LASBT using the details in the Contact Us section. 

You can also report anti-social behaviour at One Stop Centres located across the city.


Ways you can help our investigation:

Keep a diary of the nuisance. Download a Nuisance Diary in the Documents section on this page.

There are five basic questions we need you to answer when you report anti-social behaviour or noise nuisance:

1. Where?
Is the problem in your home, outside your home, or somewhere else? Be as specific about the location as you can.

2. When?
When does the nuisance occur? Is it at night or early hours of the morning? Provide dates and times for each incident.

3. Who? 
Is the person or are the people involved known to you? Can you describe them?

4. Why?
Is there a reason you are being targeted, or is it an issue that is affecting the whole community? 

5. What?
What is the nuisance behaviour?

To make a report, please use the Contact us section on this page. Alternatively, you can make a report in person at any housing office or One Stop Centre.

To report a hate incident, please go to Report a Hate Incident in the Related pages section on this page.​

For more information on noise and how to report a noise issue, please click on Noise Nuisance in Related pages.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Any behaviour that causes harm to individuals and communities can be considered anti-social.  Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Does the behaviour affect your quality of life? Is it persistent? Do you feel fearful?

Anti-social behaviour can include:

Aggressive Begging
Hoax or Obscene Nuisance Calls
Noise Nuisance
Property Nuisance
Rowdy Behaviour
Street Drinking
Intimidation or Aggressive Behaviour

(This list is not exhausitve.)

An example of Nuisance & Rowdy Behaviour is when a group of people gather in a garden or communal area to drink and engage in rowdy behaviour and this happening most weekends.

What should I expect from you?

​We will aim to respond to your complaint within 2 working days. If your complaint qualifies for further investigation, your case will be allocated to a LASBT case officer who will arrange to meet you, offer you access to support, and work with you to resolve the problems. We will keep you updated with progress of the case and aim to resolve the problems at the earliest opportunity using non-legal remedies like mediation.

Where problems are persistent or there is risk of harm, we can use legal powers including injunctions and tenancy action.

Our Policy and Procedures which includes our service standards is available to download from this website in the Documents section.

What is a Community Trigger?

If you have reported 3 separate incidents in the past 6 months to the council, police or social landlord and would like for an impartial review of your case, you can request a community trigger.


Please see the related page Community trigger for further information and more details on how you can report this.

Who are the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team?

​Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT) is a partnership team formed in 2012 after a comprehensive review of anti-social behaviour services. Our 90 members of staff come from Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police, Housing Leeds, Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services and Victim Support, and are split into 4 teams covering the City Centre, East North East, West North West & South areas of Leeds. LASBT work together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in your area. We want to tackle anti-social behaviour at the earliest opportunity to prevent problems from escalating and will utilise a range of tools from mediation through to civil and criminal prosecutions. 

When you contact us, your details remain confidential. Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team will not take action without your consent. We are not able to respond to anonymous complaints, although this information will be recorded in case of future complaints.

Who deals with evening and weekend noise complaints?

​The Out of Hours Noise Nuisance Service is now part of Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team. The new 'ASB Response Team' partners with West Yorkshire Police to enhance delivery of service on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

The Out of Hours response team is joined by Police Community Support Officers to respond to noise nuisance calls across the city between 6pm and 4am.  This partnership allows the council to deploy two vans to maximise calls attended, and in a short space of time has raised our customer satisfaction rates to 87.5%  New processes and evidence gathering has already led to court proceedings against persistent noise offenders.

Noise is a normal part of our daily lives, but noise that is unreasonable or excessive will be challenged.