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Advocacy is a way of protecting your rights and getting help when dealing with organisations.  It is founded on the belief that people are of equal value regardless of ability, wealth or status and therefore should get equal rights.

If you find it hard or do not have the confidence to ask for appropriate services or make a complaint, advocacy services can help.  They can:

  • Listen and find out what your rights are
  • Help you to plan any action you may want to take
  • Get information for you, or put you in touch with someone who can
  • Talk to relevant agencies, write letters and make telephone calls with or for you
  • Prepare for meetings or reviews and make sure your views are heard
  • Increase communication levels between yourself and others
  • Investigate alternative sources of support.  

    Advonet is a Leeds based organisation that can help a wide range of people with their advocacy needs.  You can ask for an advocate by ringing them on 0113 244 0606 option 1.  The link to their website is on the right of this page.