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Admissions, Primary School

The closing date to apply for Reception places for 2014 has now passed. If you haven’t yet applied please download and complete the Primary Common Preference Form (CPF) in the documents section to request a place. You should return it to the Admissions Team, Children's Services no later than 24 February.

If your request is not received by the above date, you will only be offered a place once all other “on time” preferences have been met. 
Offers of school places will be sent out on 16 April 2014, If you have applied online this will be by e-mail. If you used a paper form your offer will be posted to your home address by 2nd class post. These can take up to a week to arrive. Please be patient while you wait for your letter. If you do not receive your offer letter within the timeframes outlined above please contact the Admissions Team using the contact us details on the right hand side of this page. 
You will be asked to accept (or refuse) the offer we give you by 22 May. The information on how to do this will be in your offer letter. If you fail to respond by the deadline the place may be withdrawn and offered to another child. Information on appeals and waiting lists will also be included with your offer letter.  If you were successful in being offered your first preference, this information will not be included.
If you are considering refusing the place please remember that your place may then be offered to someone else, and you may not be able to get another place at that school at a later date. If you are in any doubt please ask for advice from the Admissions Team before you do so using the contact us details.
If you missed the deadline for applications to start primary school, or if you want to educate your child at home, you must contact the Admissions Team for advice. ​ 
If your child lives at two addresses, when you apply you must use the address the child lives at for the majority of the time.

Some schools including voluntary aided, free schools, academies and trusts are their own admissions authorities and have their own individual admissions policies. You can find these on the individual schools websites or by searching for the relevant school on the schools search page under the related pages section.​