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Moving to an adapted or sheltered property

Sheltered Housing
Sheltered housing is usually provided for people who are 60 and over, or have a medical housing recommendation and demonstrable care and support needs.

Our sheltered housing schemes range from purpose-built accommodation, studio flats and bungalows to multi-storey flats. All of our sheltered housing are connected to our Care Ring Service  a 24-hour, seven days a week emergency service.

Living in sheltered housing means you can keep your independence, with the support of a range of services aimed at giving you control over your life. 

How to apply
To apply for sheltered housing with Leeds City Council, you will need to complete a Leeds Homes Membership form. All vacant council sheltered properties are advertised in the Leeds Homes magazine/website every week. You  will need to nominate yourself for any specific properties you are interested in.

You can also apply for sheltered properties with some housing associations: some of these properties are also advertised in Leeds Homes but not all of them.

Adapting your home
If you feel your housing needs are changing due to medical problems, the Health and Housing service will carry out an assessment of your home and how it may be impacting on your health. If we establish your home impacts on your health and wellbeing but interventions such as adaptations or a lifestyle change are not appropriate we can potentially increase the ‘priority’ level on your housing application and make a specific recommendation about the kind of property you need.


Information on Sheltered Complexes can be found in the documents section on this page.