New website launched to help tackle drinking related crime

Published : 15/08/2012 00:00

New website launched to help tackle drinking related crime

A new website and smartphone application have been launched to help pub, bar and club owners to work together and deal with drinking related crime in the city.

The new technology has come about through the Safer Leeds run Pubwatch scheme, which is a national scheme that allows cities to combat drink related crime. The scheme is run voluntarily by licensees and is supported by the Safer Leeds Partnership which includes Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and other agencies.

All pubs, clubs and bars signed up to the Pubwatch scheme will have the option to access the website and share information about criminal and anti social behaviour in real time. Along with having access to local information, pubs and bars will be able to post who they have barred, or thrown out and where they may be heading.

There are 16 licencees already signed up to the Leeds Pubwatch scheme and the website will allow pubs, clubs and partner agencies to share information in real time about criminal and anti social behaviour in and around the premises.

The website will provide a central hub to allow information to be securely shared amongst members and partners from minutes, training information, policies and procedures.

As an innovative addition to the website – a smartphone application will also be available. The application will allow door staff and managers to be able to instantly check to see if someone has been banned from all pubwatch member premises.

There will also be a real time communication function where licensees will be able to instantly text each other should someone be ejected from their premises, thereby giving other licensees an early warning that troublemakers are heading there way.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Leeds City Council chair of Safer Leeds and executive board member with responsibility for neighbourhoods, planning and support services said:

“The new website will offer pubs, bars and clubs signed up to the Pubwatch scheme an excellent up to date portal of what is happening in their area. They will be able to communicate quickly about troublemakers and make sure they are up to date with what is happening.

“Whilst licensees do not take the decision to ban someone lightly, will also be a single point of contact for any banned persons wishing to appeal against the decision of their local pubwatch.

“All licensees have a legal duty to ensure that disorderly, argumentative and violent behaviour does not occur on their premises and to prevent the occurrence of criminal offences.

“The smart phone ap will allow information to be updated constantly so that all involved with the scheme are all aware with what is happening in the local area.”

Superintendent Keith Gilert, who heads the city’s community safety partnership Safer Leeds, said:
“The launch of the website adds a valuable new dimension to the city’s Pubwatch initiative. It will give licensees the ability to quickly access all the latest information and help them work more closely in partnership with the authorities to improve safety in our bars, pubs and clubs.”

Notes to editors:
Leeds Pubwatch is a crime reduction initiative created to reduce alcohol related crime in licensed premises modelled on the National Pubwatch Guidelines.  Leeds Pubwatch schemes are voluntarily run by licensees and are supported by Safer Leeds Partnership which includes Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and other agencies.

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