Leeds to pioneer new way of funding care

Published : 17/08/2012 00:00

Leeds to pioneer new way of funding care

New ways of caring for people living with long-term ill health are to be tested in Leeds.  It is one of seven cities nationwide to be given specially earmarked funding under the Department of Health’s ‘Year of Care’ scheme.

The new model is aimed at helping people become less dependent on hospital treatment by focusing on supporting a person’s overall needs – and not just treating a specific illness or disease.
Leeds has signed up to changing the current care system to one that is more holistic and aimed at preventing dependency on hospital care by supporting the individual before hospital admission is needed.  This is done in three stages:  identifying people at risk of needing hospital care;  providing support and care in the home, using health and social care teams working together;  and embedding a culture of self-care, where people are helped to improve their own wellbeing and quality of life.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, executive board member responsible for adult social care explained:
“It’s essentially about improving people’s health and making better use of resources by shifting the focus away from disease-specific treatment and towards person-centred care.  For the first time there will be just a single budget for supporting people through illness, with health care and social care operating as a single unit to support a person through long-term ill-health.

“I am delighted that Leeds has been given the opportunity to pioneer this new approach of delivering care.  The Year of Care funding model supports our aim to ensure that older people and people with long-term conditions have better lives.”
Dr Andy Harris, chief clinical officer designate and shadow chair of the Leeds South and East CCG said:
“We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the seven early implementer sites for the Year of Care funding model.  This project gives us the opportunity to build on the ongoing work in integrating health and social care in Leeds, and to explore new ways of funding for people with long term conditions.  Our focus will always be on delivering the best possible patient experience and we feel the Year of Care can support this.”
How will it work?
Once health and social care professionals understand what a person’s likely need is, and have discussed what support the person may require (potentially from a mix of support from different organisations), an overall budget for a year of their care can then be calculated. 
Additional info
Over the next two years, GPs, health workers, social care staff and others will increasingly be working side-by-side, sharing information and taking a more co-ordinated approach to the way services are delivered.  Please visit www.leeds.gov.uk/transform for more information.

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