Celebrate all things animal for We Love Animals Day

Published : 23/10/2012 00:00

Celebrate all things animal for We Love Animals Day

Come along to Leeds City Museum and celebrate all things animal for 'We Love Animals Day' on the 2nd November.

Funded by The Grammar School at Leeds, this fun packed day will involve messy, creative and even scary activities!

You will be able to make an animal mask or an animal badge, find out more about animals at our information and object handling stations and have your face painted like an animal. You might even meet one of our large furry mascots walking around the galleries. Best of all, the museum’s natural history gallery 'Life on Earth' will be brought to life by little critters, introduced into the museum by Lion Learners.

This free day will run in the Arena and the Life on Earth gallery at Leeds City Museum between 11am and 3pm on the 2nd November. You don’t have to book, so come along and show us why you love animals!