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Flooding at Thwaite Mills and Armley Mills

Our industrial museums are recovering from recent flooding. (Please contact staff by email.) Armley Mills remains closed at present. Thwaite Mills has now reopened. Please be advised that there is limited accessibility at Thwaite, as both lifts are out of service.

 Schools and Groups at Thwaite Mills

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Did you know there is an island in Leeds?

Thwaite Mills is a calm oasis of green in amongst the industry in south Leeds, sandwiched between the river and the canal. It’s a eco-friendly working watermill, with creaking waterwheels and lush fields and woodlands all perfect for butterflies, birds and bumblebees. Much of the work we do at Thwaite Mills is centred around the environment and how we can keep it looking beautiful and working harmoniously with us.

Thwaite Mills works well for KS1 and KS2 supporting topics such Victorian life, World War II, the geographical features of island habitats, and Science (properties and forces). Everything we do is cross-curricular and all the workshops support the development of literacy skills (speaking and listening), science (properties and using evidence) numeracy, and often art.

We also have seasonal workshops connected to Christmas and spring/summer time.

Most of the workshops are based around the site within the watermill or the grounds. If it looks like rain, pack your sensible shoes and raincoats! We base some sessions in the warehouse, and also use this as a bookable space for group lunches. We would recommend you come and meet us for a pre-visit where we can tailor workshops and resources to suit your group and complete your risk assessment.

What other teachers say about us

“We had a fun and interesting day out, with knowledgeable staff and a good range of activities in a lovely location”, KS2 teacher

“The children enjoyed all aspects of their day, rating it 8, 9 and 10 out of 10. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by staff and children. Hope this is on next year!”,  KS2 teacher after a Waterforce workshop

And, most importantly, what do the students think?

“I enjoyed making a waterwheel because we had a difficulty and managed to fix it. It was different because we could see what we were learning about, I enjoyed every part of the trip”, Yr 6 pupil after a Waterforce workshop

Planning your trip

If you're looking to book in a trip for your school or group to Thwaite Mills please contact us directly on 0113 3782983 or email at thwaite.mills@leeds.gov.uk and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. For more information please see our related pages.​

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