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Do you like your parents' decorating tastes? Well, the previous owners of Temple Newsam House didn’t. Each generation decorated a different bit of the House, so you can literally walk back in time, from Tudor to Victorian, as you walk through the upstairs rooms.

Bringing your class?

400 years of history have created a web of stories and our ethos is about ‘bringing the Estate to life’. We have a programme of 1 to 4 hour cross-curricular workshops for schools covering Early Years Foundation Stage, primary and secondary schools.

In each workshop or session, we discover the people who lived and worked at Temple Newsam and how their stories shaped of Leeds and our national politics from the portraits and objects the they left behind. We think about how the objects in the collections got here and who slept in the beds; and explore and the tales behind the building from the bare bricks. We help you explore the farm and the huge number of rare breed animals we breed and care for, navigate the estate, go pond dipping and create animal sculptures!

Workshops at Temple Newsam House

Charges for workshops in the House depend on the individual activity but are typically £60 for a half day workshop and £120 for a full day workshop.

We insist on a ratio of 1:10, or greater for younger age groups.

To make a booking for the House: (0113) 336 7461

“Practical and fun for children, a great resource with a reasonable price”, KS2 teacher after a Tudor workshop at Temple Newsam House.

“I have learnt to plan my writing properly, have been inspired and have put myself in other people’s shoes”, KS3 student after a creative writing workshop.


Workshops at Home Farm and on the Estate

Charges for guided activities to Home Farm bear additional charges:

◾£180.00 for a non-Leeds school for Tudor or Anglo-Saxon re-enactment workshops at Home Farm (£210.00 for a non-Leeds school) (KS2)
◾£60 for a farm tour, although we can offer one FREE farm tour per school per year (pre-school to KS3)
◾£60 per half-day environmental education workshop (wildlife investigations, environmental art, bushcraft and denbuilding) on the Estate (KS2)
The group leader ratio is one free adult per two children under 5. Over the age of 5, the ratio is one free adult per six children. This applies to both Leeds and non-Leeds schools.
To make a booking for the Farm: (0113) 336 7560
“ … it is a very worthwhile and unique experience with dedicated and knowledgeable staff. The hands on element really engages children and gives ideas to extend in the classroom. I definitely would book again! Great activities, fantastic staff and superb resources. Thank you for a fantastic experience. 10!”

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