Northern Life and Landscape
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 Northern Life and Landscape

Single Image Display

Temple Newsam House, 12 February – 10 November 2013

This new exhibition looks at works of art made by the Leeds artist Julius Caesar Ibbetson (1759 - 1817) who painted life and landscape as he saw it - with little interpretation. Today Ibbetson is little celebrated but he was one of the City’s most significant eighteenth century artists, who became well known for his pictures of rustic scenes, cattle and rural scenery.

As an artist, Ibbetson held a great passion for nature and an intrigue for human oddity, preferring to create factual observations of rural life as he experienced it. In this endeavour his contribution to British history is fascinating as, when we examine his artworks today, they expose a rare view of rural life and begin to reveal some of the realities of living and working in the north of England during the late 1700s.

The exhibition brings together a loan collection of Ibbetson drawings recording aspects of his family life and a recent donation of artworks from the Estate of Helen Mackaness to Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Visit the exhibition to have the chance to explore Ibbetson’s artworks displayed throughout Temple Newsam House and then to step into the pictures yourself by recreating one of Ibbetson’s paintings using costume, props and a little imagination! We hope you feel inspired to follow in Ibbetson’s footsteps by capturing everyday life yourself and creating artworks that record life.

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Image credit: The Market Place at Ambleside by Julius Caesar Ibbetson, British, (1759 – 1817), 1817, oil on canvas.

© Leeds Museums and Galleries and licensed under Creative Commons BY NC SA.

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