Beds and Bedding in Britain 1650-1850
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 Beds and Bedding in Britain 1650-1850

Beds and Bedding has been extended until January 27th 2013, giving you an extra chance to get to Temple Newsam House to see it.

The second chapter of Temple Newsam’s year-long celebration of the restoration of the Queen Anne State bed tells the stories of life in bedrooms in Britain between 1650 and 1800. Temple Newsam’s eclectic collection of grand state beds and humble beds from farms and servants quarters are highlighted.

Rooms throughout the house have displays exploring themes such as waking up, going to sleep and getting dressed.

In the Boudoir, visitors are able to learn about the many layers of underclothes worn by women in the 1700s under their sumptuous silk gowns.  Upstairs in the south wing, visitors can see an array of exotic cottons which were used to furnish historic beds. In Miss Aston’s room, visitors can explore porcelain, pottery and silver used in bedrooms and learn about the history of sex and sleeping.

We are especially grateful for the loan, from a private collection, of a magnificent silver-gilt toilet service that dates from 1701 and hasn’t been seen by the public since 1929. It is made up from boxes for jewellery, jars for cosmetics, hairbrushes, vases and a tiny bell for calling servants - all items that would have adorned a lady’s dressing table. We even have a “magic bed” where children can snuggle up and read their favourite bedtime stories!

Families are encouraged to discover Temple Newsam’s real-life fairy tales and take our “Prince or Princess Quiz”.

The exhibition is also accompanied by craft activities, talks and events.

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