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 Bird Garden

From its humble beginnings in 1980 as a small collection of waterfowl, poultry and ducks, the Bird Garden, with over 480 individual birds, from more than 130 different species, has developed into one of the UK`s premier collections of rare and endangered birdlife.  From Andean Condors, Snowy Owls and beautifully coloured Asiatic Starlings, to the endearing Kookaburra, our extensive collection of birds can be observed in some of this country's finest aviaries.

The Condor Aviary is landscaped to allow the these new world vultures to show off their impressive wingspan while clambering over rocky outcrops, whilst the nationally recognised “Into Africa” exhibit allows you the chance to walk through and share the same environment as our collection of free flying African species which include Touracos, Crowned Cranes and Ibis. A series of interconnected ponds allow excellent viewing of our ducks and geese as they frolic on the water or bask on the grassy banks.

As well as displaying our birds in an attractive setting, the Bird Garden also upholds its responsibilities to conservation and education. Throughout the spring and summer, visitors can often see newly hatched chicks, many of which will be sent to other zoological collections to form part of internationally managed breeding programs. With education being of primary importance, many interesting and unusual facts relating to the particular species can be found on the interpretative signage placed by each enclosure.

With events such as “Meet the Bird keeper", conservation workshops and craft days, a visit to the Bird Garden is an experience definitely not to be missed.​​

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