Join in the Cultural Olympiad 2012
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 Join in the Cultural Olympiad 2012

Treasured! Smuggled, Stolen, Saved? is a free exhibition at Leeds City Museum displaying a number objects that have never been on public show. The exhibition explores the unusual, and often exciting, journeys that objects undergo before ending up in museum collections. A shrunken head from Ecuador, a Buddhist skull cup from Tibet and a meteorite found in Kansas, are just a few of the items that have journeyed to Leeds. A number of objects from the HM Revenue and Customs collection highlight some of the contentious routes treasured objects have taken, via illicit trade and smuggling. Other objects have escaped revolutions, wars and ship wrecks before ending up in Leeds.

Pick up a passport, check in at the gallery and take a whistle-stop tour through various destinations before deciding if you think these objects are smuggled, stolen or saved?

You can also take part in our Treasure Dash. Attempt to find six objects from the exhibition, hidden in places across Leeds City centre. The fastest treasure hunter will win £100 of gig vouchers at the exhibition’s closing ceremony in January 2013. 

‘Treasured!’ is a response to Precious Cargo, a project led by young people, inspired by Yorkshire’s world collections.  It is part of Stories of the World, one of the projects at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Treasured closes on Sunday 13th January 2013.

Why not explore some of Yorkshire's World Collections, part of the regional Stories of the World project, on My Learning. A fascinating insight into some of the objects that have made their way to Yorkshire from 17 museums in the region.

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