The West Yorkshire Hoard
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 The West Yorkshire Hoard

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Seven amazing Anglo Saxon objects were found in Leeds Metropolitan District by a metal detectorist in 2008/2009.
Four of the objects are gold rings, two of which are of the highest quality from this period, along with a gold brooch fragment, a gold ingot fragment and a lead spindle whorl. 
The 'find', known as the West Yorkshire Hoard, was acquired by Leeds Museums and Galleries in 2012 after going through the Treasure process. We raised money to keep them in Leeds from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund (with a contribution from the Wolfson Foundation), The Headley Trust, Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, Friends of Leeds City Museums, and The Goldsmiths' Company, as well as generous donations from local societies and the public.  
The objects went straight on ‘temporary’ display at Leeds City Museum but there were no funds to redisplay properly at that time. Now, thanks to a grant from the Art Fund through their ‘Treasure Plus’ programme, supported by The Headley Trust, and funding from the Arts Council, we have redisplayed the amazing West Yorkshire Hoard.
The redisplay shows the Hoard to best advantage and it is supplemented by new interpretation, including 3D models and a touchscreen, which allows visitors to explore the objects up close.
Supported by the Art Fund and The Headley Trust.