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 Natural Beauty

Single Image Display

February 7th to 17th August 2014

Last year we challenged photographers of all ages and abilities to capture and share their images of the natural world. The competition was split into seven categorie

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Beautiful Botany
  • Beautiful Yorkshire
  • British Wildlife
  • Leeds Wildlife
  • Wild Yorkshire
  • World Wildlife

We received over a thousand entries to the competition, and you can now see the judges’ winners on display in part two of the Natural Beauty exhibition at Leeds City Museum. From majestic lions on the plains of Africa, to the humble robin in the parks of Leeds this exhibition showcases the beauty and wonder of the wildlife all around us. In particular, we think it shows that you don’t have to cross the world to find the extraordinary – sometimes it is right here on our doorstep.  Browse all of the competition entries in the Natural Beauty Flickr group.

The fantastic photographer Sara Porter photographed our taxidermy, insect, egg and skull collections for Natural Beauty part 1 at Leeds City Museum.  Prints of Sara's wonderful photographs from the exhibition are still available to purchase on our artprints website.

 If you’re inspired by the exhibition, why not join us for one of our free events.

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Natural Beauty was kindly sponsored by CC Imaging, Ark Display Graphics, Dale Photographic and Pictures Plus.

Image above courtesy of competition entrant Nigel Pugh.