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The Leeds City Museum offers an exciting, fun and interactive day out for all the family. There are six galleries for you to visit as well as special temporary exhibitions.

Find out how Leeds has been shaped by its landscape and its people from pre-historic times to the modern day in the expansive Leeds Gallery. Objects on display include, an Iron Age pipe made from a sheep’s leg bone, the West Yorkshire Hoard, Burmantofts Pottery, Suffragette objects from the Leonora Cohen collection, and the Victoria Cross of Arthur Aaron. Explore the city's history with hands-on interactive displays and find out more about Leeds people today in the changing community displays and Community Cinema.

Life on Earth explores our planet's history over the last 540 million years. Discover all the different types of life on earth and even experience the sights and sounds of a rainforest. Use the interactive displays to feel the skin of a python, and dig for some fossils!

From a 3000 year old Egyptian mummy to Roman statues and Greek pottery the Ancient Worlds gallery explores the civilisation of the ancient world. Discover clues to everyday life and death through the objects people left behind thousands of years ago. Make your own Roman mosaic or try your hand at being an archaeologist and reconstruct a pot.

The Voices of Asia gallery celebrates the sights, sounds, and culture of Asia and the Asian communities that live right here on our doorstep in Leeds.   Journey through the world’s largest continent by exploring seven themes from Faiths & Festivals to Trade & War, Fashion & Style to Music, Dance, Theatre & Film to Eating Out & Eating In and Faith in Focus.

If you are an enthusiastic collector you will really enjoy the Leeds Collectors gallery, next to the shop on the ground floor, which looks at what and why people collect. It showcases items from Leeds’ collectors and star objects and collections.   Highlights include the complete skeleton of a Heavy-footed Moa which came into the collections in 1868 and the Frank Savery bequest, which gave Leeds its biggest Chinese ceramics collections.

What will you discover at Leeds City Museum?

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