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 Dying Matters



Dying Matters - A Community display at Leeds City Museum

16 Dec - 30 July 2017

Death is perhaps the one experience that unites people the world over.

But even though every person experiences death and dying, we can often shy away from talking about it.

By exploring objects related to death from a range of cultures, from an Egyptian shabti to a Victorian funeral cart, this exhibition seeks to start conversations and to encourage visitors to think about, and plan for, their own end of life.

The exhibition is part of the national Dying Matters initiative which promotes public awareness of dying, death and bereavement. You can find out more by visiting www.dyingmatters.org 

Please be aware that this exhibition addresses issues of a sensitive nature.

Watch a film made for the exhibition below and see more on our You Tube channel
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Click to expandObjects on display

Death is represented in almost all of the collections held by Leeds Museums and Galleries. 

In the five cases in the Dying Matters exhibitions alone, there are objects from archaeology, social history, world cultures, numismatics, and costume and textiles, as well as a number of contemporary objects on loan from elsewhere. A Roman cremation urn sits alongside a modern wicker coffin, while African memorial figures are displayed alongside Victorian mourning capes. 

Throughout all of time and across all cultures, every person has or will experience death.  Let the objects inspire you to think about the end of life and start a conversation with loved ones.

Click to expandAcknowledgements

​This display would not have been possible without the support of the following individuals and organisations:

Leeds Dying Matters steering group
St. Gemma’s hospice
Sue Ryder (Wheatfields) hospice
Hugh Gooding Funeral Services
Steve Soult Ltd
Leeds Bereavement Forum
Inchpunch Design Limited
Digifish Film & Animation
Judith Ferris
Bob Bury
Xina Gooding Broderick
Graeme Beck
Roy Blanshard
John Roebuck

                               Thank you

Click to expandNew Community Films

Two new films were commissioned and are showcased in the exhibition; one looking at end of life care with interviews taken at St Gemma’s and Wheatfields hospices, and the other looking at personal stories around the subject of ‘death’ shared by five Leeds people.