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Temple Newsam Tea Room Refurbishment

The tea room will be closed from Monday 13 March 2017 and will reopen mid-April 2017. Find out more about the work taking place over the coming weeks by clicking the link below.

Please follow this link for more information


Single Image Display
October 2013 to June 2014
‘For countless millennia humankind has lived in step with the cycles of the moon; planting crops, wooing lovers and gathering harvests according to celestial clockwork. It is scarcely more than a century since this connection was decisively broken, since we turned our back on the sky and our faces towards the brilliantly lit interiors..’

James Attlee: ‘Nocturne’ 2011

We have traditionally feared the night and wanted to lighten the darkness, but for artists it has also been a zone of uncertainty to capture in painted form.  This display sets Leeds artist Atkinson Grimshaw’s much loved 19th century ‘moonlights’ alongside Turner-prize nominee George Shaw’s atmospheric paintings of the housing estate where he grew up (from the Arts Council Collection).

Also included are paintings by Jack Yeats, George Sauter and Walter Greaves.

This display celebrates the continuing partnership between Leeds Museums & Galleries and the Arts Council Collection, supported by Christies.

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