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 Schools and Groups at Kirkstall Abbey

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 Where can you find all these things together in one place in Leeds?

a. Bats
b. Some of the oldest archaeological remains in Leeds
c. Eighteenth century graffiti
d. Concerts, Shakespeare and the Breeze Festival

Kirkstall Abbey!

The building and collections at Abbey House belong to you. We are here to help you access the collections in the best possible way for you and your students.

Kirkstall Abbey works well for Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 supporting topics such as Tudor rich and poor, Maths and Literacy. Everything we do is cross-curricular and all the workshops support the development of literacy skills (speaking and listening), science (materials and using evidence) and often art and geography. We also have a yoga programme in the summer months to mellow out your students before their exams. Most workshops are supported by downloadable and paper-based self-led resources and trails, just ask for details.

For secondary History, come and study Tudor power and politics: what happened to the power of the Church? How do we know this? This workshop is supported by a Learning Pack written by Ian Dawson.

Booked groups can use the Visitor Centre or the Chapter House as a base for their visit, including for lunch. We would recommend you come and meet us for a pre-visit where we can tailor workshops and resources to suit, if your group has additional needs, and you can complete your risk assessment. We have downloadable Health and Safety guidance to help you to do this which can be found on our 'Planning a visit' page under the expandable downloads section.

“Facilities were great, it was easy booking, the resources were excellent”, Year 3 teach​er about at Kirkstall Abbey

Planning your trip

If you are thinking of booking a trip to Kirkstall Abbey for your school or group please get in touch with us. Phone direct: 0113 230 5492 or email kirkstall.abbey@leeds.gov.uk. More information to help you plan your trip can be found on the 'Planning a visit' page in Related pages.​​

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