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 Internship programme

We have run a successful internship scheme since 2009 and have hosted more than fifty placements in that time. The programme was set up to provide opportunities for students or recent graduates to work with us to unlock the knowledge within our diverse collections. We are keen to develop and maintain collections research across all our collection areas to make them accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.

Research projects using our taxidermy, banknotes, Asian ceramics and Yorkshire Post Archive collections have enabled us to create new displays and resources, revealing some of the fascinating stories about our collections. These research internships often unlock opportunities for further placements. These have included assisting with exhibitions, online projects and education and outreach programmes.

What are we looking for?

Student and graduates looking to

  • acquire new skills
  • develop existing skills and knowledge
  • make new contacts that could benefit them in their chosen career
  • have an introduction into the workings of museums and galleries
  • gain and understanding of working with museum collection objects
  • gain an understanding of organising research projects
  • gain an understanding of producing learning resources
  • gain and understanding of equal opportunities
  • gain an understanding of health and safety in the workplace

What can we offer?

  • A time-limited work placement which allows interns to gain on-the-job experience
  • flexible working options
  • a useful learning experience
  • work space at the site of the internship
  • supervision
  • the opportunity to assist with the collections management database and online catalogue records
  • the opportunity to work with visitors alongside the supervisor
  • a reference to the intern at the end of the internship if requested
  • £500 to cover any out of pocket expenses for travel and accommodation


No Current Opportunities

Click on the link for more information on each opportunity, or download the relevant pdf from the 'Documents' section on this page.

Internship placements are advertised frequently so please bookmark this page and remember to keep checking in. They are also advertised on twitter and facebook.

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