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 Request a Loan

Leeds Museums and Galleries receives many requests for short and long-term loans each year from accredited museums and galleries from around the world, libraries and archives, educational institutions, public and charitable bodies, community organisations and bona fide individuals for research and study. All borrowers need to demonstrate they can provide and maintain suitable facilities and appropriate conditions.

To borrow an object for an exhibition: requests to borrow an item should be addressed to the Head of Leeds Museums and Galleries, and include as much of the following information as possible:

- Information about the exhibition, other items being displayed and how the item fits into the exhibition.
- Accession number, object or artist’s name and title
- Information on the venue, or for all venues for a touring exhibition, preferably using UKRG facilities reports and questionnaires (available at

Items should be requested at least six months in advance, where several objects are requested for a touring show or exhibition; requests should be made nine months in advance.

Informal discussions are welcomed with Curators or Registrars department before a formal request is made to the Head of Leeds Museums and Galleries.

For research loan requests: Leeds Museums and Galleries are happy to consider requests for loans for research. Requests to borrow should be addressed to the Head of Leeds Museums and Galleries and include the following information:

- A detailed description of their project and how a study of items will contribute to their research.
- If possible, accession number, object or artist’s name and title

References will be required from individuals wishing to borrow material and Leeds Museums and Galleries would prefer to lend to institutions convenient for individuals to visit rather than private addresses (e.g. a nearby University or accredited museum).

Loans for research purposes can often be made at shorter notice than for exhibitions, but at least six weeks notice is required for all loans.

Informal discussions are welcomed before a formal request is made to the Director.

For further information or if you have any queries pleas contact the Registrars department via the contact us section on this page.

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