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 Schools and Groups at Abbey House

Ever wondered what it was like to be a Victorian lady or gentleman? What kind of clothes you would wear? What shops looked like?  Or what children played with in the past?

The answers can all be found at Abbey House Museum.

Have a marvellous time ambling around the Victorian street. Find out about the differences in life between the widow washerwoman, the pub landlord and the undertaker. Explore the toys children played with in the past and have fun exclaiming, “I had something like that…”. Discover tales of Leeds, tell stories, and create your own new memories.


We have a menu of two hour curriculum based workshops, focussed on hands-on learning. Abbey House works well for Early Years and Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 supporting topics such as Toys and Games, Victorians, Seaside Holidays and Shopping. Fancy a murder mystery? We have our very own at Abbey House! Like most of our other workshops, it is cross-curricular and supports the development of literacy skills (speaking and listening), science (materials, properties, forces and using evidence) and often numeracy, art and geography.

Explore the learning programme from the link below to find out what workshops are on offer.


On site we have two spaces which we use for workshops with groups: the education room (first floor, accessible by lift) and the Abbot’s Room (second floor). Groups often choose to eat their lunch either in the park next to Kirkstall Abbey, or we can book you an undercover space in the Abbey Visitor Centre. We would recommend that you come and meet us for a pre-visit where we can tailor things to suit if your group has additional needs and you can complete your risk assessment. We have downloadable Health and Safety guidance to help you to do this which you can access from the Planning a visit page link at the top left of this page. Abbey House gets booked up for group visits a long way in advance.  To avoid disappointment, call now and we’ll see what we can do.

What teachers say about us:

“We enjoyed everything! The museum is fantastic. Great 1st hand experience for the children, they are motivated and excited which makes them learn!”, KS1 teacher

“The whole experience was excellent for our pupils - they had some freedom to look around but had a purpose. I would definitely wish to do the same again. The work/ideas were pitched exactly right!”, Year 6 teacher

And, most importantly, what do the students think?

What did you enjoy about today?…. “because you are looking and using your brain but it is still fun”, Year 6 pupil

Booking a visit

If you are thinking of booking a trip to Abbey House for your school or group please get in touch with us via phone on 0113 230 5492. More information to help you plan your trip can be found on the Visitor information page in Related pages.

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