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 Policies and Practice

Download a number of our policies and procedures from the link to the left, ranging from health and safety guidance to our photography policy. We have arranged them according to Accreditation headings and will continue to add more.

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Collections Development Policy - This policy deals with how our service cares for our sites and collections.
Collections Information Policy - This deals with how our service handles international Property Rights in connection with our collections and those we are caring for.  
Care and Conservation Policy - All about how we care and maintain our collections and sites.
Human Remains Policy - this policy relates to the access, use, collection and maintenance of Human remains across all of our collections.  
IPR Policy - A policy dealing with Intellectual Property rights.  
Evolution Position Statement - This is a statement in relation to the formal teaching of evolution within our service. 
Photography Policy - Concerning the permissions we grant for photography across our sites

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Access Policy - This is concerned with how our service aims to make the work we do as fully accessible as our resources allow; including access to buildings, collections, events, exhibitions, learning and to our staff and volunteers as well as visitors

Learning Policy - Sets out how Learning is at the heart of the organisation, our values and direction. ​

Social Media Policy - An overview of where to find us on social media and a suggested code of conduct for our online community.

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Health and Safety Guidance - Designed to assist teachers and group leaders in completing their own risk assessment during a familiarisation visit to the museum before a group visit.  
Environmental Policy - This Environment Policy aims to guide our staff to do their best to protect the environment and deliver high quality, value for money, public services and places.

Volunteer Policy - This document relates to how we engage volunteers across our service

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