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The Leeds Country Way

The Leeds Country Way is a 62 mile-long footpath around Leeds that takes users through some of the beautiful and varied countryside surrounding the city. 

The route is split into four main stages, each of which has an accompanying leaflet that you can find in the documents section of this page – (1) Golden Acre Park to Barwick-in-Elmet; (2) Barwick-in-Elmet to Carlton; (3) Carlton to Cockersdale; (4) Cockersdale to Golden Acre Park.

In the leaflets, the Leeds Country Way is split up into 4-6 mile sections, each end of which links to a bus or train route.  Treat each of these sections as an individual 2.5hr walk, or take on a few sections at a time ... you might even decide to take on the Leeds Country Way Challenge and complete the whole route over a number of weeks or months.

For bus and train information visit Metro's website from the external links section of this page.