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Natural Habitats

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Natural Environment consists of three teams which are Forestry, Natural Habitats and Public Rights of Way.

We are responsible for tree management and safety, nature conservation and managing the footpath, bridleway and byway network across the Leeds District.

The Natural Habitats Team is dedicated to conserving and enhancing Leeds’ rich and diverse mosaic of natural places and the wildlife they support, in order to ensure that they continue to thrive for future generation to enjoy.

One of our main roles is to compile, review and implement management plans for all Council owned amenity woodlands and the suite of designated nature reserves and conservation sites we manage. These plans set out the management of each particular site, in order to ensure they are managed in an appropriate and sustainable way.

Importantly management plans also enable us to target and draw down extra funding from grant providers and agencies such as Biffa Award, Green Leeds, the National Lottery and the Forestry Commission.

An important aspect of our role is to ensure that the work we undertake is carried out to a very high standard. In March 2012 the woodlands managed by the Natural Habitats team were awarded United Kingdom Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) certification. This means that they are now officially recognised as being managed to the highest standard of sustainability.

Additionally, we also provide advice and technical support for colleagues across the Council, for example by offering guidance on best practice for carrying out our multitude of duties whilst safeguarding protected wildlife such as bats, great crested newts, water voles and also nesting birds.

To contact any of the Natural Environment teams, please call Farnley Hall on 0113 3957400.