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Leeds Active Card

This is a must have card if you are looking for quicker and easier access to the Sport service and if you are looking to use our Library service.

When you are making a booking at any of our leisure centres you may need to be a member and you may have to provide your membership number. You may already be a LeedsCard or Bodyline member and you can use this membership number, but if you are not currently one of these, you will need the new Leeds Active Card.

The card is free of charge and allows you to make bookings at the centre. When booking you will no longer have to provide your personal details, you only have to provide your membership number.

The new Leeds Active Card is also your new Library card. You can borrow up to 20 books, access the internet for free and access other on-line resources for free from home.

To apply for a Leeds Active Card, you will need to fill in a short application form at your local Leeds leisure centre, library or the LeedsCard Office at 2 Great George Street, Leeds. You will receive your card straight away. Alternatively, you can apply over the telephone by calling the Membership Services Team on 0113 22 43636 and we will post one out to you.

If you apply at a library or use your card for the first time at a Library you will be asked to provide proof of identification.​

What is a Leeds Active Card?

This is a free card that allows you easy access to your local leisure centre by providing quicker booking and payment for activities. The card also gives a nine day advance booking privilege.

The card is also your new Library card, providing you with access to a full range of services.

Where can I use my Leeds Active Card?

The card is valid at council libraries and leisure centres.

We plan to roll out the card to other leisure services in the near future.

I already have a LeedsCard, a Bodyline Card and a Library Card; do I need a new Leeds Active Card?

No. Your current card is still valid across all leisure centres and libraries. In time we propose to move all our membership types on to the new Leeds Active Card, but this will take time. We will continue to keep you informed of any new developments to ensure a smooth transition.

How do I get a LeedsCard, LeedsCard Xtra and LeedsCard 60?

You can apply for these cards at any leisure centre by filling in an application form. Your picture will be taken and stored on the system and you will receive your card immediately, allowing you to take immediate advantage of the discounts available. The price for these cards has not changed.

I’ve seen LeedsCard and Bodyline Cards with new designs, why is this?

The new point of sale system in leisure centres no longer needs to have photos on the cards. These members have had their photos taken at a leisure centre and their image is stored on the system. When they visit any leisure centre their card is swiped and their image will appear on the monitor to validate entry to an activity.

The removal of the photo left a space in the design of the card, so we have taken this opportunity to redesign these cards to take this into account.

As a Leeds Active Card holder, will I enjoy the same benefits as a LeedsCard holder?

​No. The LeedsCard is a paid for membership and entitles the holder to discounts across Leeds City Council leisure centres, museums, galleries, events and attractions such as Tropical World and Temple Newsam.

They also receive discounts from restaurants, bars, leisure and retail outlets across Leeds. As a Leeds Active Card holder you do not have access to these great offers.

Why change the cards?

The current Leeds Card programme has been in place for nearly fourteen years and is becoming difficult to manage. The card is built around old systems and we want to be able to take advantage of new technologies to provide you with the best possible level of service, ensuring that you continue to enjoy the services and activities provided for you by Leeds City Council.